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When It Sounds too Good to be True – Bad Ethics (Probably) in Play

I am sometimes asked for the number one reason that more than 60 percent of NBA players (according to Sports Illustrated) go bankrupt toward the end of their careers, and retire with nothing – or close to nothing. Because of my financial background, people expect me to come up with a complicated financial or management reason, but it can all be boiled down to two words: Lousy Ethics. When something sounds too good to be true, or when an “advisor” approaches an athlete with a money making scheme that comes […]

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Michael Sam: He Has Earned The Right – Let Him Play!

Michael Sam wants to be a professional football player in the National football League. And he should be. Ethically, morally, legally, he should be permitted to put on a uniform and play. He has earned the right.  This is a story of the ethics of the heart. This former standout player from Missouri who was an All-American and the SEC Defensive Player of the Year should probably be a high round draft pick. Indeed, he would pretty much be a lock to be a high-rounder, had he not expressed the […]

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Some Ethical Thinking about Retirement from Professional Sports

This post could have also been titled: watch out for people like I used to be. For with this post, I will take a departure from the usual topics I like to talk about and discuss instead about financial matters, and people who take financial advantage of athletes. The well-established statistics are that if you are a professional athlete, especially at the highest levels, chances are strong that you will go bankrupt. Sports Illustrated has estimated that nearly 8 in 10 NFL players, 6 in 10 NBA players and the […]

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