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Two Players in Two Directions

It was quite interesting for me to scan the sports news yesterday, for there, and in just a few hours we saw two different athletes make decisions and reap the ethical consequences of those decisions. They are both very gifted athletes and play in the NFL.  And they both share ethical tales with very different endings. The first player, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, was going on a trip and at the San Francisco Airport, he was selected for secondary screening before boarding a flight. I have gone through that inconvenience […]

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Nice Try and all That, But Change the Name Already

Though I travel the country quite a bit, as I live in South Carolina, I generally cheer for the Carolina Panthers. A good friend of mine likes the Buffalo Bills and another likes the Green Bay Packers. As I begin this blog, I need to stress that in my reading and internet surfing I have not uncovered one letter of protest from a panther, anyone named “Bill,” or any butchers or meatpackers in regard to having football teams take on their names or professions. However, many people who claim indigenous […]

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