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Thanks for the Fraud and the Paint Job, UNC!

Painting the Bell

For the first time since 2011, the University of North Carolina football team defeated Duke. The score was pretty impressive: 45-20 and I get it; there was a celebration after the victory. You win a big game and you celebrate. The problem is that the University of North Carolina football team, as part of their celebration, decided to trash Duke’s visiting team locker room and the practice field with blue spray paint. So far the damage exceeds $25,000. In an article by Steve Wiseman (November 24, 2014) for the Durham […]

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Ethical Muscle Memory™ – Why It Matters

Sports Ethics

Today’s blog will not discuss a particular athlete or a particular sport. Given all the recent stories from the world of sports we have not had the time to catch up and breathe! It is hard to say if it is a good thing or bad. On one hand, we always have plenty of material to blog about; on the other, we are constantly reminded how Sports Ethics training is needed now more than ever. For athletes, coaches, teams and sports associations, it is rarely what happens on the field […]

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Helicopter Parents, Quacks and Jack Johnson’s Bankruptcy

Jack Johnson

There is an ancient piece of rabbinic wisdom that comes to mind with this blog: “A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.” I could not agree more. The advice applies as much today as it did a thousand years or more ago. To treat yourself, is egotistical and just a bit unethical. The same might apply to giving ourselves financial advice when we’re not financial people, or much worse, letting people who have no godly idea about finances handle our money for us. What about people […]

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Leagues Apart: NBA suspends Hornets’ Jeffery Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor

Maybe Jeffery Taylor thought he was playing in the pre-Ray Rice era NFL. He’s not. He’s a professional basketball player playing for the NBA. More specifically, he is playing for a league headed by a fair, and even-keeled commissioner. Adam Silver does not put up with a lot of crap, nor should he. USA TODAY writer Jeff Zillgitt has just reported (November 20, 2014) in an article entitled: “NBA suspends Hornets’ Jeffery Taylor 24 games,” that forward Jeffery Taylor must not only miss the games without pay, he must get […]

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Best Defense is Accepting Consequences: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

“You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct.” – NFL on Adrian Peterson Decision  The purpose of Sports Ethics training is not to make fans feel good. The training is also not to make athletes feel good or their teams or their organizations. Sports Ethics views choices and we view the consequences of those choices — we try our hardest to learn from them. I have no doubt this post will lose me followers. Or it may gain a few. At the outset I also want to say that this post is […]

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A Twitter Fight Brandon Marshall Cannot Win

Brandon Marshall

About 10 days ago, the Chicago Bears lost a game to the Green Bay Packers. When they lost, their record put them below the Detroit Lions. It should have ended there. It didn’t. As fans sometimes do, a Detroit Lions fan sent out a tweet to Chicago’s Brandon Marshall. He called Marshall a b***h. OK, I’m going to lose it over that if I am Brandon Marshall. Then the “fan” went on to call Marshall’s mother a whore. When Marshall saw the tweet, he challenged the fan to a fight […]

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NBPA Chief Taking NBA Owners to Task

Michelle Roberts

How much should you be entitled to make? Your answer might be, “As much as I can.” I wouldn’t fault you for that. Providing you’re not planning on robbing a bank or committing fraud, I would tell you that if you want to make a lot of money, go right ahead and be the best you can be at whatever it is that you’re good at doing. Let’s fast forward to 10 years from now and you’ve worked your tail off to be the best that you can be; in […]

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Bullying is bullying no matter what you name it

Mauldin HS

We need to start this Sports Ethics blog with a definition: “Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.” From the Greenville News in South Carolina, writer Anna Lee penned an article (November 12, 2014) entitled: “Mauldin football players suspended, charged with voyeurism.” According to the article: “Two Mauldin High School football players were arrested after authorities said an inappropriate photo was shared on social media…the […]

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What is private? In the locker room, just about nothing

John Harbaugh

One of the topics I frequently cover with both athletes and executives is that just about nothing is private, and that with today’s “new media” just about nothing is forgotten. In John Harbaugh’s case, as an NFL head coach, he is both an executive and a sports figure – and make no mistake that he must be a business person as much as the man who is the face of the Baltimore Ravens. This blog is not so much about Harbaugh, as an example to every athlete who makes a drunken […]

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N. Korean ‘state-sponsored slaves’ Building World Cup Sites

2022 World Cup

We are constantly being told that sports are international. The NFL plays and has played games in London, Toronto, Mexico City and Tokyo. The NBA plays all over Europe and in China. MLB plays exhibition games throughout the world. The even larger question is if we care about larger issues that even go beyond a U.S. or Canadian connection? Do you like soccer? In 2022 the World Cup Finals will be held in Qatar. In an article by Pete Pattisson that appears in the British newspaper the Guardian (November 7, […]

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