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Just when I think it can’t get worse


It is not a huge, national sports story. It has nothing to do with Deflate-gate, Tiger Woods shooting an 82 or the upcoming Super Bowl and Marshawn Lynch and his media day circus. This little story, in its own way, is bigger than all of the other stories I mentioned above. On January 28, 2015, (Larry Brown Sports), ran the following story: “Father and son allegedly attack coach over playing time.” The story is a reflection of entitlement, parental interference, lack of respect for authority, violence and it sums […]

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Vanderbilt rape trial: Let’s skip the mock outrage


It is at times like these, when a very tragic case comes to light, that the finger pointing, the agendas and the pompous crawl out from their usual cubby holes. When the bluff and bluster subsides, we are right back to where we have started. Nothing is gained. Nothing changes. Just a lot of hot air and “outrage.” I propose a different way. On January 28, 2015, defendants Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey, former football players at Vanderbilt University were found guilty of multiple counts of rape against a woman […]

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Let’s all pile on Josh Gordon


An alternative title to this blog might be: Why Sports Ethics? At the outset, I want to say that I am not about to stand up and play a violin and sing a song about how Josh Gordon is just a poor, misunderstood guy who didn’t do anything wrong. If you know anything about my background and what happened to me, you would know that I don’t believe in “coddling.” Josh Gordon has just failed another drug test. Great (yes, I am being sarcastic). He is looking at a one-year […]

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Ted Lilly: What’s Fraud Got to Do with It?


We should start with the usual boiler-plate. The charges of insurance fraud against Ted Lilly are alleged. What is not alleged is that over his 15 seasons in the MLB, pitcher Ted Lilly made around $80 million. That is, as a friend of mine likes to say, a nice chunk of change. What he has done with the $80 million is none of my business. What is also not alleged is that last year Lilly bought a $200,000 RV. That amount of money to pay for a RV kind of […]

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Penn State: More Serious than Flat Footballs


On Sunday, January 18, 2015, the same day deflated footballs were being thrown around a rain-soaked field in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Roxanne Jones, a very fine writer for ESPN, wrote a very fine piece entitled: “Penn State still doesn’t get it.” The article resonated so nicely with what we stand for at Sports Ethics that I wanted to share it with you. Unless you were out of the country, with no access to media, you most probably remember the twisted, vile case in which a former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, […]

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Deflate-gate, Other Ethical Follies


Let us talk a little bit under-inflated footballs. It’s a silly discussion, I know, but all of a sudden the Super Bowl could be tainted because of it. The other day I wrote a blog saying that the accusations that the Patriots had intentionally deflated footballs was pretty much a joke. Who would risk it? I mused. It was obvious the Patriots were dominant from the beginning and that the Colts had no chance. I was sure that an under-inflation must have been a mistake; perhaps a faulty football or simple error. […]

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Mario Balotelli: Why Athletes and Social Media Often Don’t Mix


Sports Ethics has a program that addresses choices, consequences and the social media. Why a whole program devoted to just that one topic? We never cease to be amazed over how quickly and how deeply athletes can get themselves into trouble over tweets and posts. Back in the “olden days,” an athlete could say something dumb or unintentional and it might make it to a newspaper story or even to a radio station and it could be “buried,” deleted or edited. The athlete might have time to go back and […]

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NHL Hockey, Teddy Bears and Securities Fraud


We are fascinated with really rich people in America. We want to see where they live, what they drive, where they travel and what they eat. We roll out red carpets for them, we listen to their advice, we want to dress like them and we often admire their spouses. For those of us who love sports, the richest of the rich, the guys we really admire are often professional team owners. Pick a sport, any sport, and if you love that sport you really want to be like one […]

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Last Blog Ever on Ray Rice (for Today)


“If I never play football again… I would adapt into life & I would sacrifice more so she can have a better future.” -Ray Rice to Matt Lauer (via Twitter) Ray Rice has been eased off the hook by the NFL, the legal system, his wife, and presumably Matt Lauer of the Today Show. He has started to cleanse his image with the help of a PR machine churning away slowly in the background. He also sent another tweet to Matt Lauer: “I take full responsibility for my actions.” It […]

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Parents Behaving Badly at Youth Football


In the world of news, this story is downright ancient. However, it is also “evergreen.” I can’t fault the violence associated with youth football for parents behaving like idiots; there have also been recent stories of parents brawling at youth soccer, softball, hockey, soccer, basketball and youth baseball games. This is not just a U.S. story, it also happens in Canada and Europe. This is not a gender issue (women take swings at one another too) or racial or religious; it is what happens when entitlement meets reality and smashed […]

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