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In the Age of “Everybody Wins”

Prep Schools Tank

Sometime in the recent past, psychologists told moms, dads and their teachers that it was bad for the self-esteem of children to lose. We started to have a shift in mindset so that in leagues and schools across the country, the net result of athletic competition was that “everyone won.” Every kid received blue ribbons and trophies whether their team was in first place or last; weather they won a “squeaker,” or were trounced 100 – 23. It was supposed to be good for the psyche and good for self-development. […]

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When Moronic Fans are ignored

Richard Barklie

Maybe you’ve recently read about this incident following a soccer football match between a French team, Saint Germaine and the English club, Chelsea. There’s a new twist to this racist story. In the Metro train station, a black man was physically stopped from getting on the Paris Metro by fans of the Chelsea football club. He was physically shoved not once, but several times. As the man was pushed off the train, the crowd sang a racist song reminiscent more of the Deep South in 1950 than Europe in 2015. […]

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NASCAR Did The Right Thing. Period.

Kurt Busch

You don’t hit women. You don’t choke women. You don’t slam their heads into a wall. It is called domestic violence. Kurt Busch committed domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll in his motorhome on September 26, 2014. It was not alleged; it happened. According to an ESPN report by Bob Pockrass for ESPN (February 21, 2015): NASCAR suspended Busch after a Kent County (Del.) Family Court commissioner issued findings and opinions Friday for a protective order he granted Monday to Busch’s ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. In the opinion, Commissioner David Jones […]

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Have we become afraid to speak?

Danny Ferry

Words have power. I get that. Words have meaning, and I get that too. However, not all of us always say things the right way. In fact, none of us. I am standing by that. I am standing by the statement that sooner or later, every one of us (and that includes you, you and you) will mean to say something one way and it will come out the wrong way. That’s life. In the context of the above, I really don’t like two things: I don’t like people who […]

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Joseph Randle: Hollow Apologies and Real Good-byes


“It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life,” Randle said two days after his arrest. “I’ve never gotten in any kind of trouble in my whole life. This is just something I’ll have to learn from and move forward.” — Joseph Randle, October 2014 In October 2014, Joseph Randle was arrested for shop-lifting underwear and men’s cologne from an upscale shopping mall near Dallas. Even more ridiculous about this crime was the fact that it was a tester bottle of Gucci cologne. You know, the kind of bottle […]

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Lance Armstrong: Maybe he’s just a loser


To know me, is to know that I believe in second chances. It is one of the foundational beliefs of the Sports Ethics programs. However (and it’s a big however), if an athlete, team, coach or even an entire program isn’t willing to do the hard, soul searching, work of understanding where their bad choices led them, absolutely nothing is gained. Eventually bad choices will lead a man or women to realizing that if they don’t change their lives and their poor choices, their careers will be over. We will […]

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Warren Sapp Explodes His Career


Why would a man go out of his way to take a career, a career he loves and enjoys, and blow it up? At the same time, why would a man take his reputation, his self-respect and his Hall of Fame credentials and destroy it on the biggest stage in professional sports? Warren Sapp is currently an unemployed, Hall of Fame, Tampa Bay Ring of Honor Defensive Tackle. He was in Phoenix for the Super Bowl as part of his duties with the NFL Network as an analyst and commentator. […]

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“Celebrity” Can be a Strange Fan Magnet


Those of us who love sports as fans, often tend to live our lives through the teams and the players we support. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so…providing. I’ll get to the “providing” part in a minute. If we’re passionate about our teams, we look forward to all aspects of our involvement with the team; from the draft to the merchandise to (often) the sportscasters. The sportscasters are close to the action. They share our ups and downs; they have the access we lack and often, they […]

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