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Sports Ethics Blog: On the Ethical Eve of the Draft

NFL Draft

It is said that Las Vegas will take a bet on most anything. I am not exactly a high-roller, but I am willing to put down a $100 wager that one of tonight’s first round draft choices will be involved in an unethical act over the next six months. I am confident I will win. I note that on the eve of this draft, there may be an alleged, pending murder charge, spousal abuse and drug violations among the first round picks before Roger even steps his feet onto the […]

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Sports Ethics Blog: Winston’s Great Crab Leg Caper

King Crab

Back on April 29, 2014, Heisman Trophy winner and most probably first 2015 NFL draft pick Jameis Winston was cited for shoplifting $32 worth of crab legs and other shellfish from a supermarket. According to an ESPN story (April 22, 2015), “Jameis Winston: Store employee ‘hooked us up’ with crab legs,” the following was stated: “At that time, Winston said in a statement: ‘I went to the supermarket with the intent to purchase dinner but made a terrible mistake for which I’m taking full responsibility. In a moment of youthful […]

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Nobody knows you when you’re Down and Out

Rodney Austin

Rodney Austin was one of those bubble players, shuttling back and forth between the Detroit Lions practice squad and the active roster for the past three years. When he came into the league in 2012, he was undrafted. He is reputedly a very strong player, and that is what impressed everyone. He was also a Left Guard on a team that needs Left Guards. He was not strong enough to realize how hard he needed to work at his craft to keep his head above water, and he was not […]

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Sports Ethics: Phillip Buchanon and his Financial Journey

Phillip Buchanon

Normally, I don’t get involved with book reviews, but I would like to read Phillip Buchanon’s book because the subject addresses an area on Sports Ethics that is vitally important to every athlete and coach: money. The title of the book is: New Money: Staying Rich, and he addresses the pressures, the challenges and the pitfalls of suddenly coming into a lot of money – then trying to keep it. He was drafted in 2002, and when signing with the Oakland Raiders, received $12 million. While 2002 isn’t exactly ancient […]

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NCAA Finals: Ethical Photoshop

The Finals

We want perfection in our society, but we don’t always want to know how the perfection was gained. For example, we may believe that certain actors or singers we admire are perfect. Some of us get offended when we see “unauthorized” close-ups or see Photoshop fails; as if our illusions are shattered when we learn that life is not perfect. We blame the technology. We blame those that access the technology. I have known actors and singers in my lifetime. They are people; they are not perfect; they are often […]

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The Price of Poor Ethics: Rory versus Tiger

Tiger Woods

Darren Rovell, the excellent Sports Business reporter for wrote an interesting article on the current marketability of golfer Rory McIlroy verses Tiger Woods. Rovell quotes a Sports Business Daily survey of 43 marketing firms. Tiger now ranks third in marketability behind McIlroy and Rickie Fowler. Justification and complication There are many possible arguments in place for why Tiger has slipped. He is older, that is true, so he doesn’t appeal as much to a younger generation. He was injured and had surgery. His skills have slipped, and it’s no […]

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Sports Ethics: How to Crap-up a Season in Two Easy Steps

Kentucky Basketball Riot

I have never met Coach John Calipari, though I admire what he has accomplished at Kentucky. A record of 38-1 isn’t exactly a failure; to make it to the Final Four is a big deal. They lost to a Wisconsin team that was also a 1-seed. It wasn’t the case of losing to a huge underdog. It was a loss and the loss stings, but life goes on and every fan who understands basketball knows that a 38-0 run prior to the loss is nothing short of amazing. You celebrate […]

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Have We Become So Outraged, We’ve Lost Judgment?

Jonathan Taylor

These are tough times for ethics and collegiate or professional football. In every sense, harsh penalties for crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assaults, bullying and drug/alcohol abuse were very long overdue. In past years, many coaches, teams and athletic departments were complicit with the off-the-field antics of athletes. Sports Ethics considerations were thrown aside. Were they wrong to overlook these behaviors? Absolutely. A small percentage of abusers, rapists, bullies and petty (and no so petty) criminals, were allowed to mess things up for all of the fine men and women […]

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Sports Ethics: NASCAR penalizes Ryan Newman’s team for illegal tires

Ryan Newman

This blog does not so much deal with Motor Sports as it does with athletes in any sport, who will make choices that are so bad, they may almost never recover from the consequences for an entire season or many seasons. The issue here is to explore is the “why?” of it all. In this case, we need to talk about tires. Randy Sartin, writing for USA Today on April 1, 2015 (this is not an April Fools joke): “NASCAR issued one of the largest penalties in its history Tuesday […]

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