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“No, you pick up the bat!”

Give or take, the American League has been around for about 115 years. I may be wrong on this one, and I certainly haven’t gone through the archives, but I cannot recall an instance where a batter was called out on strikes, turned to the umpire and said: “That was an incredibly good call you just made. I don’t know what I was thinking when I didn’t swing at it. I must still be hung over.” On the other hand, has there ever been a case where a hitter was […]

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Another Spring, another FSU QB in Trouble


FSU freshman QB De’Andre Johnson made a lousy decision and it could potentially cost him his collegiate career. All of this is alleged, of course, but a woman apparently cut in front of Johnson in a bar and he said something to her. She turned around and put up her arms. He grabbed her arms and he punched her in the face. There we go. Less than a year after FSU said good-bye to Jameis Winston and his ongoing circus (a circus that has followed him into the pros), we […]

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Pete Rose and the Time Bomb

We have an exercise we play at Sports Ethics, though it is hardly a game. We take a famous sports scandal, sometimes going back 75 years or more and we analyze it from an ethical perspective. In fact, we are coming out with a book on the topic in about six months. However, the intention of this blog is not to promote a book, but to mourn in a sense, arguably one of the greatest infielders who has ever lived. When we analyze a sports scandal, we go back and […]

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“We’ll Take Care of It In-House” Yeah, sure.

A handful of days ago, we read about LSU football and their recent off the field problems. This kind of stuff sickens us, because it messes up programs and destroys the good will that has been carefully built over years – even decades. According to Joseph Zucker for Bleacher Report (June 19, 2015) in an article entitled: LSU QB Jennings, 3 Other Tigers Arrested: “Anthony Jennings, Maquedius Bain and Dwayne Thomas, members of the LSU Tigers football team, were arrested by campus police Thursday…News of the arrests came just hours […]

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A Sports Ethics Father’s Day Story

I’m an old guy who loves sports. When Chuck Gallagher invited me to join-up with him in this Sports Ethics adventure, my first inclination was to say, “Maybe you should find someone who is not so shopworn.” However, I am inspired by Chuck and his message. He has helped many people. Also, I owe a few things to sports. On this Father’s Day a memory or two comes back to me I feel compelled to share. This isn’t one of those Field of Dreams stories. My dad never played professional […]

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Hello, “Ground Control” to “Redbird!”

For the sake of clearing up any nervous questions out there, “Redbird” is the name of the St. Louis Cardinals computer network; “Ground Control” is the name of the Houston Astros computer network. Baseball has become well established in the cyber world. In fact, this post could signal the launch of a new MLB Sports Trivia Game: “Name that Network,” or maybe: “Who’s Your Hacky?” Yesterday we heard the news that the Cardinals “staff” (allegedly) hacked into the Astros database. Why? It looks like spite. It (allegedly) looks like Millennial-intern […]

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Who Gives a Rip about Good Choices?

A man whose opinions I greatly admire, was having a conversation with me over dinner just the other evening. “Chuck,” he said, “why should any decent professional athlete care about making good ethical choices? No matter what they do, they always make it back to the playing field.” I could have answered his statement with a “yes,” “no,” or even a “maybe.” Instead, let’s first talk about several news stories over the past few days. Yesterday in Palestine, Texas was Adrian Peterson Day. Residents held up banners saying things like: “We’ve […]

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What I Teach and Why I Teach

Chuck Gallagher

Yesterday was a strange sports day for me. I watched Torii Hunter break into a fuming, sophomoric striptease last night after being called out on strikes; in the morning, I overheard a high school football coach talk about an exchange he had with a parent. The parent complained that her son felt “overwhelmed;” the young man had never played football before, and he thought it would be “too hard to learn.” Then there was Bob Costas commenting on Caitlyn Jenner, pressing all kinds of social media hot-buttons. Costas maintained that more deserving […]

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Muscles Fade, Memories Don’t

Hope Solo Soccer

If anyone in the hierarchy of U.S. Soccer thought that Hope Solo’s domestic violence was going to quietly fade away, they seriously miscalculated. The team miscalculated as well. The case reared its ugly head the other day when new details emerged about the incident and how relatives of Solo sharply disagree with the spin that was put on the incident by Hope Solo and her handlers. I was not in the home that night; I don’t know what happened. It didn’t sound so good and in fact, it sounded like […]

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ESPN Caves, No One Should Be Shocked


The social issue of this particular day is Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner. For this, the internet has blown up. To this fact, I would start off by saying that whatever you may think of Caitlyn, she is now  taking her place in the multi-million dollar Kardashian industry. Caitlyn will have a Reality TV show and will undoubtedly sign mega contracts for a boat load of money. Who knows what she will advertise? It is kind of amusing (though the case was hardly amusing) to me that the Kardashian industry […]

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