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Time to de-flate the rowboat


This blog will begin with an old, old story, told to me when I was a kid – which was a long time ago. Two guys of very little means, were also avid fishermen. One fine day, while passing a department store window, they happened to see a really sweet row boat. It was beautiful and just the thing to let them row out to where the big fish hid. They put together a plan. They would dress in greasy overalls and work boots, walk into the store like they […]

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Idiot Adults Playing Kids Games

The other day I came across an online piece and naturally, the embedded clip of a fight that broke out at a baseball game in the Alaska Baseball League. I had never heard of the league, but now I know the league for a pretty good right cross thrown by one coach into the face of the other coach. Next year, if I want my MMA fix, maybe I’ll watch baseball from Alaska. Unlike MMA combatants, these two clowns would have run out of steam after a few minutes. Nevertheless, […]

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If it was just about money, we’d be broke

The professional athlete, expected to sign a contract for a lot of money… A collegiate athlete set a school record for her team… The coach about to be hired by… The sentence fragments above are similar to hundreds if not thousands of fragments from press releases, press conferences, blogs and sports television and radio interviews we hear most every day. The fragments are so dull, we can almost anticipate the next line. For example: The coach, about to be hired by State U, has been signed to a three year […]

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Maybe your kid should know about Donte Rumph

I am not an evaluator of potential NFL talent. I am connected through the social media to several scouts and coaches and I am sure they could offer a million insights I lack, but there is something about Donte Rumph’s story that appeals to me. I am not saying Donte’s story will be another “Blind Side” or even a “Rudy!” I don’t know if he is good enough for the NFL, but he believes he is good enough and maybe that is all that is important to this story. Lately […]

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Clueless: Armstrong Rides Tour de France Course

One of the foundational elements in regard to correcting ethical mistakes and bad choices is the ability to learn from those mistakes, do the hard work required to make amends and earn the right at a second chance. Second chances do not automatically kick in after a year or two of aging; second chances are not PR-hyped; second chances are not appropriately made on the backs of other people. These are lessons most of us can understand. For those unable to come to those realizations, the stink of the situation […]

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Drunks and Punches at FSU

Dalvin Cook

Last month, FSU running back Dalvin Cook was arrested on charges that he (allegedly) repeatedly punched a woman outside of a bar in Tallahassee, Florida. The release of this story came within days of fourth-string FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson being suspended by the team for punching a woman inside another bar in Tallahassee, Florida. I will concede upfront that I agree with what Cook’s lawyers are telling us. The two cases are different. One case was clear-cut (Johnson’s) and one case is a “he-said, she said.” In Cook’s case, his […]

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Sorry “NFL Insider,” Not This Time

We live in a hyper-charged world of media frenzy combined with a lack of privacy. Placed together with an inflammatory story, it can create an explosive situation. I use the word “explosion” with intent, because that is what Jason Pierre-Paul did to his hand with fireworks. I am not angry at Jason Pierre-Paul as are some football fans. At this point, his family, his agent, his coaches and teammates are angry at him enough. Of course, the guy who is the angriest, the most disgusted, the most shamed, is Jason […]

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Haters, Big People and Serena Williams

We are now in a world of Hashtags and Emoticons. I, for one, am happy. For way too long, the # symbol was neglected on our keyboards, so now we can celebrate its use. Sort of like the guy resigned to his fifth season in Double-A who unexpectedly goes on a 50 game hitting streak and makes it to the big leagues. It happens. Not often, but it happens. Look what happened to the “@” symbol! The # symbol, as any loyal Twitter user knows, puts you in company with […]

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Strange Hotel Charges during CIAA Tourney

Hotel Surcharge

Those of us who travel for a living are often mystified by the logic applied to hotel bills. This is especially true when we are not members of the hotel’s reward programs. There are all kinds of unique taxes and service charges hotels will now use to increase their bottom line. It is quite creative really – and very weird. The $250 room charge, or whatever it is, can climb its way to $275, $295 or more. They don’t even hide the fact they are slapping all kinds of taxes […]

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De’Andre Johnson and the Spin Machine

Throwing the Punch

Let me start out by being crystal clear in regard to my position on FSU releasing Freshman QB De’Andre Johnson. The first point is that in my opinion FSU did the right thing. I know that some die-hard fans are actually blaming the woman for getting punched in the face; some are suggesting that Johnson is taking the fall for the past sins of one Jameis Winston. Both arguments are as weak as the cheap beer on tap in a college bar. The second point: you don’t hit women. I […]

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