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Did We Make Larry Brown or Did He Make Us?

It is a simple enough question, made even more bittersweet by the fact that his latest sanction has occurred at SMU; a school with a tragic history, albeit football rather than basketball. Now SMU has been banned from any possibility of tournament play in 2016 and Coach Larry Brown has been suspended for nine games. They have also lost nine scholarship slots as well. Writers and analysts, including Dick Vitale are asking if it is time for Coach Brown to hang up his whistle and clipboard and head off into […]

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Suppose Bobby Valentine is Right?

It was very intriguing to read an article by Adam Wells for the Bleacher Report (September 25, 2015), entitled: “Bobby Valentine Says He Thinks PEDs Will Eventually Become Mainstream in Sports.” Stated Mr. Valentine: “This idea that because it’s a drug, and you’re taking it from the outside, that’s bad. But there’s a lot of really good drugs out there that we do take that make us feel better and perform better, and I think these PEDs that people talk about, that are performance-enhancers, will eventually get into the mainstream.” […]

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H.S. Football in the Era of Craziness

Chances are you have seen the viral video. A little over a week ago, Linden High School was playing Immaculata High School. A Linden High School player, allegedly or apparently, ripped the helmet off of an Immaculata player and slammed the Immaculata player with his own helmet causing a gash that required 10 stiches. The student who was injured was taken to the hospital and the Linden student who ripped off the helmet was allowed to continue the game. However following the incident, the Linden Superintendent of Schools suspended the […]

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The Cart or the Horse at Rutgers?

It is never a good idea to pile onto a bad situation because we somehow feel “entitled.” For example, a professional baseball player has a day or two off near the end of a long, miserable season. He reconnects with a couple of his buddies, they go out drinking, and on his way home he gets pulled over for a DWI. He gets busted for the first time in his life, because he made a dumbass mistake. I am not condoning drunk driving. He was a fool and could have […]

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Where is Roger? Maybe Sitting Next to You.

The first game of the NFL season was (ironically) the New England Patriots versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. New England won 28 to 21. It was not that close and by the end of the 3rd Quarter, the outcome was not much in doubt. Like them or hate them, the Patriots are good. Unless you have been in isolation with a lost tribe in the Amazon, you undoubtedly know about “Deflate-gate,” and that at the end of it, the outcome was more deflated than the footballs. Also by the end of […]

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Going Unethical at John Jay High

Robert Watts

In San Antonio last weekend, John Jay High School lost 15-9 to Marble Falls. I guess we could call that fact number one. Second fact: two John Jay players were ejected from the game by referee Robert Watts for trash talking with just a few minutes left in the game. Fact three: with about a minute left in this otherwise meaningless game, referee Robert Watts was viciously tackled by two players from John Jay. It was premeditated; one was a blind-side hit and the other was a spear. Amazingly, the […]

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Are Fantasy Sports Websites, Gambling? You Betcha!


From an ethical perspective, it always best to see things for exactly what they are. Truth is elusive to our present day society. Truth is perhaps our greatest single fear. We have numerous apologists and defenders for unethical behaviors from huge corporations to lawyers to media personalities to authority figures such as coaches and athletic directors. Ethics is neutral. A single person or a corporation or even an association is either ethical or not. “No means no,” does not mean “No means – maybe.” A driver who is buzzed on […]

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Should the NFL Listen to Jen Welter?

Jen Welter

It was a small article that will probably be ignored amid today’s news of Tom Brady getting exonerated, the final games of the football pre-season and baseball’s postseason just beginning to take shape. However, this small story is more important than all of them. Josh Weinfuss, writing for ESPN (September 3, 2015): “Jen Welter: Female coaches could help solve domestic violence problem,” raised the idea put forth by the Arizona Cardinal’s former coaching intern Jen Welter. Her suggestion was to hire female coaches to reduce off the field violence. In […]

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Vin Baker: When the Entourage Disappears

When the entourage disappears sometimes all we have left are our ethics and our beliefs. If you are one of those who loves statistics, here’s a few for you in regard to Vin Baker: In a career spanning 1993 to 2006, he scored nearly 12,000 points; he averaged about 15 points per game and he went to four consecutive all-star games. Here’s a couple more numbers: he had a 10,000 square foot home that was taken from him, and he lost $100 million due to bad choices including alcoholism, a […]

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