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Should the NFL be in the Judge Judy Business?

Angry Judy

 Yesterday, picking through the sports news, I came across yet the latest update in the Deflategate saga. It is one of those gifts, like really spicy Indian food, that keeps on giving. The Associated Press article by Larry Neumeister (October 26, 2015) entitled: “NFL: Judge’s ruling for Tom Brady was ‘unfathomable’,” caused, I must admit, a twinge somewhere in the nether regions of my gut. To quote from the piece: “NFL lawyers told a federal appeals court in Manhattan on Monday that it was ‘unfathomable’ that a judge could decide […]

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On Rick Pitino and Ethical Leadership

Rick Pitino

It comes from the top down, and it’s either important to a head coach and his or her assistants – or it’s not. I am not talking about the “Will to Win,” or “Teamwork.” I am talking about ethical leadership. At Louisville, and in regard to the sex parties and strip shows for players and recruits in the basketball program, ethical leadership had been non-existent. Rick Pitino is on the hot seat and that’s the way it should be. He is the head basketball coach and the leader and he […]

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“Honoring Thy Father” costs Cam Heyward Bucks

Cam Heyward 2

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward has been honoring the memory of his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. Each time he honors his father’s memory, he is fined nearly $6,000. He has no intention of stopping. You may remember Craig Heyward who was a running back for five different NFL teams. He was imposing to say the least and over his career his weight averaged about 280 pounds. Somehow and somewhere along the line he picked up the unusual nick-name. In his career, Craig Heyward was nearly impossible to stop. […]

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At the Precipice of the Lamar Odom Blame Game

Lamar Odom

A very long time ago, moving between careers, my decision was to become an EMT for the City of New York. I worked on the streets as an EMT and then unwisely – or wisely, I went back to school full-time to become a paramedic. My territory was primarily Harlem and Spanish Harlem. However owing to the fact that Manhattan is a place where the have’s, have-not’s and all those in-between are within feet or buildings of one another, there was never a typical evening nor a typical patient nor […]

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Steve Sarkisian – not alone on Many Levels

Steve Sarkisian

There is little more to add to Steve Sarkisian’s situation than the obvious; the former USC coach (he was fired today) is an alcoholic, plain and simple, and he has hit what is obviously the lowest point of his life. Anyone who views his predicament with arrogance or smugness is a jerk. If you can’t appreciate the long and uphill battle he faces you have no heart. I have had family members who have succumbed to alcoholism. I don’t know the man, but I feel lousy rotten for him. However, […]

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Ray Rice is Looking Better

Ray Rice

Please forgive us for not spending half this post re-hashing all of the details of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Anyone with a room temperature IQ and a sense of right and wrong understands what he did was wrong. We don’t speculate on whether his skills qualify him for a return to football on athletic merit. We don’t know. Chuck lectures, consults and trains others on the topics of sports ethics; he doesn’t keep stats on “40 times” and production/productivity. We don’t know if Rice will ever wear a […]

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Jim Thorpe All-American and More

Jim Thorpe

“He wore America’s Heart over His” – Movie Promotional Subtitle  So sue me. I am a sucker for any sports movie that comes along; even the bad ones. I can trace my love of these movies to a grainy B&W movie I watched as a young boy, “Jim Thorpe All-American.” It was a Warner Brothers release (1951) and it depicted the rise of one of the greatest athletes in our nation’s history. The movie was not “high art,” but to my young eyes it was inspiring, beautiful and ultimately tragic. […]

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Suppose Leonard Fournette Likes Chihuahuas?


This blog needed a strange title if, for no other reason, to encourage many of us to stop in our tracks, get out of our predictable ruts, and let college students, both young men and women, live their lives. I draw inspiration for this blog from a nicely written piece by Barrett Sallee for Bleacher Report (October 1, 2015) entitled: SEC Extra Points with Barrett Sallee: Enough with Leonard Fournette NFL Talk. I must compliment Barrett; ethically, he was right on the money. The short piece was written in response […]

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