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Remember the Titans – Revisited

Remember the Titans

We all have our secret addictions. Mine is to sports movies. I have seen most of them and I often remember quotes from them. The quotes strangely flooded back to me this week. I was listening to one of the major cable news stations and they were airing footage of the protestors in Chicago on Black Friday and the reactions to those protests. People on both sides of the issue were screaming, pushing, and fighting one another; both sides yelling how un-American the other side was. I thought of Denzel […]

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Russell Wilson: Not too Big for his Ethics

The Seahawks organization is apparently having a problem with Russell Wilson. The word that has come down is that Wilson has become a “celebrity.” I have no idea what that means. It is like saying that every other franchise quarterback in the NFL is meek, quiet and invisible and only Wilson endorses products and has a good looking girlfriend. What this is about in our estimation is 4-5; the record of a team that is currently languishing in mediocrity. The organization has determined that if Wilson was back to making […]

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Who Knows What and Who Cares?


Many years ago, I was concussed twice while playing soccer at the collegiate level. So did many of my teammates. I got dazed, saw double for a bit and after a while resumed play. It was all a joke back then. There were no protocols. You sat out until someone held up a few fingers and then it was business as usual. Football is different. The players are bigger and they intentionally collide at full speed. Then there is the equipment which can be thought of as protective or weaponry […]

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Ronda Rousey will be Fine; No Matter

Ronda Rousey

Yes, I know that Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, but Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, and Sugar Ray Leonard were not – and you’ve got to admit they were pretty fair boxers. Peyton Manning lost last week and he was taken out of another game this week. Michael Jordan was super-human in his prime, but eventually he quit because his skills had diminished and Abby Wambach gracefully bowed out because her body told her it was time to leave. Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm. It was an upset, but it was […]

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Greg Hardy, Swiss Cheese and Digital Ethics


Greg Hardy will not get cut; Jerry Jones won’t cut him, the player’s union won’t cut him and most fans could care less. Domestic violence is wrong no matter who is doing the hitting and who is being hit. Man on woman, woman on man, same-sex assaults, it’s all bad. The law is very clear on such assaults. The law and not the NFL nor the NFLPA nor the Dallas Cowboys adjudicates in our society, nor even the court of opinion, political correctness and hearsay. It is the legal system. […]

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On High School Sports and Sexting

Canon City

Cañon City, Colorado is a small quaint town, usually associated with the nearby Federal Penitentiary and local wineries. It is much more than that. However, it is not a hotbed of prurience, drugs or drinking, any more than any other town in America, including yours or mine. A sexting scandal erupted at the high school that involved about one-third of the school and half of the football team. Literally, hundreds of children. Essentially the kids, both boys and girls, were trading images of themselves; nude, semi-nude and in provocative underwear. […]

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Price of Patriotism? About $10 Million

Giant Flag

Apparently, there is a price placed on patriotism. With apologies to all my veteran brothers and sisters, our beloved Defense Department forked over about $10 million (and possibly as much as $12 million) to the NFL, MLB and NBA teams to put on patriotic displays. Our same Defense Department who cannot ever seem to improve active duty or veteran’s benefits, spent money at the ball parks to stimulate patriotic fervor. To compound “this joke,” the leagues and teams took the money. According to CNN Money (November 5, 2015): “Among the […]

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Barrett: One Game Suspension = A “Lucky” Break


In the Ohio State bye week, starting QB J.T. Barrett not only managed to get himself a citation for operating a vehicle while under the influence, but he recklessly tried to escape the check-point by backing his way out of it. He got caught. He is also underage. If the law wanted to do so, whoever gave him booze could also pay a penalty. Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer suspended Barrett for one game and Barret is forfeiting his 2016 summer term scholarship. The loss of a summer scholarship may or […]

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