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Peyton Gets His Turn in the Barrel

Peyton Manning

The story we were greeted to the other day was that Peyton Manning and his wife were supplied with HGH. Here is a quote directly copied from the Huffington Post (December 26, 2015): “An Indianapolis anti-aging clinic supplied quarterback Peyton Manning with human growth hormone, a performance-enhancing drug banned by the NFL, a pharmacist who once worked at the clinic asserts.” The article paraphrased investigative research that was supposedly uncovered by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit. Peyton Manning vehemently denied the charges. What followed on December 27, 2015 was a follow-up […]

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The Cutest Hockey Fight Ever?

Mite Hockey Fight

“Hockey without fighting is figure skating.” – An Idiot My go-to hockey guy is a really great guy named “Stan.” He is now approaching 75 and he can still whip your butt. Born in Western Canada, he was on skates at around the age of three. He came up through the various levels and received a full scholarship to play collegiate hockey in the States. He was selected – and ultimately declined – to go into the NHL. As an amateur at the highest levels, he played against powerhouse Soviet […]

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Ethics Doesn’t Care That Pete Had 4,256 base hits

Pete Rose

The commissioner of Major League Baseball had a clear choice. He could have satisfied legions of fans, autograph hounds and several “on-air’s” by lifting the permanent ban on Pete Rose, or he could have taken the ethical route and respected the game enough to keep the ban in place. He chose ethics. Rob Manfred, not Pete Rose, is our hero. We are living in an era where people are more concerned with talking over each other rather than to each other and where the perception of good ethics are often […]

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Steve Sarkisian Makes It to the Dance

Steve Sarkisian

It is terribly easy for us to get angry at Steve Sarkisian. We have talked about him before. When USC terminated their former head coach for being a drunk, they must have thought he would slink off into the night or possibly to the corner bar. In an article for ESPN (December 8, 2015) entitled: “Steve Sarkisian files wrongful-termination lawsuit against USC,” we learn that Sarkisian did not slink off, but lawyered up: “Steve Sarkisian filed suit against the university Monday, saying the school ‘kicked him to the curb’ and […]

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We Can All Be Inspiring: The Adam Reed Story

Adam Reed

You know those inspirational posters we are always seeing on the social media? I have little use for most of them. Many of them are made-up, trite and soulless; sort of like an air sandwich if such a thing exists. That’s OK, I suppose. Lots of times I think the people posting them are posting them more for themselves than for the rest of us. That’s OK, too. We’ve all got pain. We see a lot of these posters around holiday time. Why? Despite all of the commercials with happy […]

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