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Enough with Protest, Let’s Talk

Sports Ethics is not political and it cannot be biased, bent, swayed or manipulated. Sports Ethics cannot be media driven or beholden to sponsorships and endorsements. Sports Ethics does not stand for anyone’s national anthem nor does it sit, whine, beg or scream. Sports Ethics does not follow or favor a given team. Sports Ethics doesn’t care if your coach is named Lombardi or Belichick or Dungy, or if your favorite athlete was/is Serena or LeBron or Peyton or Wambach or Steph. Sports Ethics is. So it bothers us when […]

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When is it Time to Get the Hook?


Have you ever seen a boxing match or gone to an MMA fight? OK, if neither is your cup of tea how about a ski  jump competition, downhill, a hockey game or even a soccer match? In any of those events if a player is knocked out or badly concussed, they are generally out of the competition. Is that a fair enough scenario? Have you ever seen a boxing match or gone to an MMA fight where a fighter was in such bad shape that the referee stopped the fight? Of […]

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