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Not a Book Plug, Just Some Sports Ethics Observations


The book reviews 23 of the most “famous” sports scandals over the past 65 years. We give a detailed history for each scandal and then Chuck Gallagher, one of the nation’s leading ethics experts and sports ethics keynote speakers, discusses each case from an ethical perspective. Each example serves as an important lesson but more importantly it stirs conversation. Whether you are a D-I athlete, coach a MiLB team, play high school sports or are a member of an association or conference, each case is bound to cause meaningful, ethical […]

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NFL Viewership is Down: We Blame Poor Ethics


There is a lot of hand-wringing as the NFL is conceding that TV ratings are down for NFL games so far this season. The season is early, to be sure so we can only comment on the present and not make projections. Naturally, everyone who cares about these trends has an opinion. Some feel it’s the new rules, or it is a violation of laws; others believe the game has gotten boring and over-commercialized. Some believe it is all “Kaepernick’s fault,” while others point to the “Concussion” movie. Critics say […]

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