An Open Ethical Letter to Mr. Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell Press Conference

 “We need to change our policies and we need to get some help figuring out how to do that.” — Mr. Roger Goodell 9/19/14 For the sake of this post, and for the sake of professional football (a sport I love), we are going to believe everything that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in his sweeping press conference today was true and from the bottom of his heart. He is really concerned, really sorry and really committed to correcting everything that is wrong. To be fair, just this once, we […]

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Who is Helping Jameis Winston? Apparently Nobody.

Jameis Winston

At the time of the writing of this blog (September 18, 2014), Florida State University is currently ranked #1 in all national football polls. Clemson University is hovering around #24 (we’ll get to Clemson shortly). The quarterback for FSU is an extremely talented athlete by the name of Jameis Winston (but you probably know that already). He is so talented, he won the Heisman trophy as a freshman, and everyone said he was a guaranteed lock to eventually go in the first round of the NFL draft; maybe #1 in […]

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Cracks in the NFL Dam: Anheuser-Busch “Disappointed”

The Anheuser- Busch Company

The NFL is arguably at the height of its power in its more than 90 years of history. It is the multi-billion dollar behemoth of the sports world. Fans around the world watch football, buy merchandise and follow the teams as never before. At the same time, and just about for the first time in its history, the NFL could get flattened like one of its 280 pound linebackers rolling over a 120 pound quarterback in a middle school game. The NFL had better decide to wake up and do […]

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The NFL has Choices and It Also Has Consequences

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings

USA TODAY in an online article (September 16, 2014) by Erik Brady and Jim Corbett entitled: “NFL sends mixed messages on domestic violence response,” presented an interesting and balanced piece on the current cases that have been placed in the national spotlight. Allow me to quote from the first paragraph of the piece: “The domestic violence controversy roiling the NFL and the nation made news on twin tracks Monday, as the league announced the appointment of new senior advisors who will help shape its policies at the same time the […]

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Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon: Ethical Good Guy

Pierre Garcon

 With all of the recent negative publicity about players in the NFL, it is always easy to lose sight of the fact that good things and good people exist in the league. As our friends and followers know, we like to award Chuck’s Sports Ethics Good Guy Award every month or so, and this month, we’re happy to make our “presentation” to Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins. To understand the gesture we must first introduce you to Juwaan Espinal, a 17 year-old student at Centreville High School in Northern Virginia. Juwaan […]

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Early Roots of Bad Sports Ethics: Marion, Indiana Soccer

Marion High School

           The recent madness associated with the NFL has put the spotlight on the unethical and criminal behavior of professional football players. From reports in the media we might be led to believe that when an athlete makes it to the professional ranks, he or she suddenly develops unethical behavior. We maintain that a lack of good ethics and making poor choices can start very early on unless training and reinforcement of that training are in place. At first glance, the following may seem like a high school prank by […]

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Paul George versus Twitter versus Free Speech

Paul George

In America we still have the right to free speech, and hopefully, we still have the right to our own thoughts but these rights may come with consequences. In an article by Michael Klopman for The Huffington Post (September 11, 2014) entitled: “Paul George Tweeted Some Controversial Comments On Ray Rice Case,” the writer states: “Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George had some controversial thoughts on the Ray Rice domestic violence situation and decided to post them on his Twitter page.” Rather than post the usual Twitter screen shots let me […]

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Protecting the NFL Shield: Time for fans to go on trial?

NFL Headquarters

In a city I used to live in, there was a legendary quarterback who was known for having a drinking problem. Over the years I lived there, four people volunteered information (one of whom had retired from law enforcement) that the quarterback had been pulled over several times, given a pat on the back, escorted home, then sent on his way. Why? The cops were fans. I do not want to think what would have happened had he run down a pedestrian or blown through a red light and broad-sided […]

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The Disintegration of Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf

It is hard to believe that when Ryan Leaf was first drafted, football prognosticators were debating whether he should go number one or number two in the 1998 draft. He went second. Looking back on it, the San Diego Chargers probably wish they had never heard his name let alone thrown a pile of money at him. Ryan Leaf has often been ranked as the worst first round draft pick in NFL history, and that’s saying something. Over his time in the NFL, he had about a 48 percent passes […]

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Outrage, Ethics and the NFL – The Day After

The Elevator

For the first time, and in many years, I get the sense that the NFL has been smacked by its own culture. The NFL, the behemoth of professional sports; the league that has spawned a thousand or more cottage industries has had to take a step back and to look for a way to deal with itself. The infamous elevator video has done more than cause the termination and suspension of a talented football player, it has made many fans take a closer look at the multi-multibillion dollar organization itself. […]

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