Good for you, National Basketball Players Association

Mark July 28, 2014 down as a breakthrough day for professional sports. Attorney Michele Roberts was voted in as the new executive director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). Ms. Roberts is the first woman to take charge of an American professional players union. As an additional credit to the representatives for the teams, the vote was overwhelming in her favor. In multiple reports, Chris Paul the stand-out player for the Los Angeles Clippers and the current president of the NBPA showed a tremendous amount of class with the […]

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Two Players in Two Directions

It was quite interesting for me to scan the sports news yesterday, for there, and in just a few hours we saw two different athletes make decisions and reap the ethical consequences of those decisions. They are both very gifted athletes and play in the NFL.  And they both share ethical tales with very different endings. The first player, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, was going on a trip and at the San Francisco Airport, he was selected for secondary screening before boarding a flight. I have gone through that inconvenience […]

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Nice Try and all That, But Change the Name Already

Though I travel the country quite a bit, as I live in South Carolina, I generally cheer for the Carolina Panthers. A good friend of mine likes the Buffalo Bills and another likes the Green Bay Packers. As I begin this blog, I need to stress that in my reading and internet surfing I have not uncovered one letter of protest from a panther, anyone named “Bill,” or any butchers or meatpackers in regard to having football teams take on their names or professions. However, many people who claim indigenous […]

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When It Sounds too Good to be True – Bad Ethics (Probably) in Play

I am sometimes asked for the number one reason that more than 60 percent of NBA players (according to Sports Illustrated) go bankrupt toward the end of their careers, and retire with nothing – or close to nothing. Because of my financial background, people expect me to come up with a complicated financial or management reason, but it can all be boiled down to two words: Lousy Ethics. When something sounds too good to be true, or when an “advisor” approaches an athlete with a money making scheme that comes […]

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Michael Sam: He Has Earned The Right – Let Him Play!

Michael Sam wants to be a professional football player in the National football League. And he should be. Ethically, morally, legally, he should be permitted to put on a uniform and play. He has earned the right.  This is a story of the ethics of the heart. This former standout player from Missouri who was an All-American and the SEC Defensive Player of the Year should probably be a high round draft pick. Indeed, he would pretty much be a lock to be a high-rounder, had he not expressed the […]

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Some Ethical Thinking about Retirement from Professional Sports

This post could have also been titled: watch out for people like I used to be. For with this post, I will take a departure from the usual topics I like to talk about and discuss instead about financial matters, and people who take financial advantage of athletes. The well-established statistics are that if you are a professional athlete, especially at the highest levels, chances are strong that you will go bankrupt. Sports Illustrated has estimated that nearly 8 in 10 NFL players, 6 in 10 NBA players and the […]

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Jon Kitna, an Ethical Hero by any Math Equation

Jon Kitna is able to do something that few of us can ever imagine doing – he is a professional football player who played quarterback for 16 years and one game. What I mean to say, is that two years after his official retirement from football, he was called out of retirement to serve as a back-up for a single Dallas Cowboys game. It was not a publicity stunt; Kitna, 41 years of age, was familiar with the Cowboys offense (having played there) and was asked back to stand in […]

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Do I Believe Noah Spence? Yes. Does it Matter? No.

Greg Spence, the father of Ohio State football defensive end Noah Spence, is hopping mad.  Greg, a law enforcement officer, is angry that his son was suspended from playing in the Orange Bowl by the Big Ten.  Noah tested positive for the drug “Ecstasy,” a recreational psychoactive drug that also takes on the slang name of “Molly.” Both Greg and Noah claim that Noah had accidentally ingested the drug at a party after someone had slipped the drug in his drink. This would have been in early December or late […]

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You’ve Got More Than a Golf Handicap, Lance

I was not at all surprised when I recently read in USA Today (January 17, 2014) that Lance Armstrong pushed his golf handicap down to a 9 and that he recently shot a 74 on some course, somewhere. I will take him at his word, which may or may not be a good thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a miniature golf course complete with windmills and a hole with a big clown who had a gaping mouth. The image forces me to loop back around to […]

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Ethical Comedy in the “D” League

As I sit here pecking away at my laptop, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers are currently riding atop the Central Division of the D-League (NBA Development League) with a 10 – 2 record. The team, part of the Houston organization is responsible for the development of promising players that could eventually feed into Rockets at the next level. Looks like they’re coming along pretty good. The D-League is new and the Vipers only go back to the 2007-2008 season, but the league is already having an impact in player development […]

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