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Lighten Up or Tighten Up? Jaguars Ebola sign

Jaxon de Ville

I like a good joke as much as the next guy; I’ve got to say that upfront. I am also guilty of not always being politically correct. I believe that far too often, our society goes overboard in an attempt to be perfect in everything we say and do, so that we can get tied up in our own knots. As a result, we often don’t talk to each other openly and honestly, but are so careful to side-step issues that need to be confronted. Then there are times when […]

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The Tragedy of Cheerleader Danielle Cogswell

Danielle Cogswell

We normally look to what is happening on the field with little regard to those on the perimeter. Yet, they are a vital part of the game. The cheerleaders, band, equipment people, groundskeepers, security personnel – all of them play a vital role in this phenomenon we call sports. It is only lately that the cheerleaders for teams such as the Oakland Raiders are standing up for themselves. More will follow in their footsteps. What about those who cheer on teams at the collegiate level? Truth is, we don’t pay […]

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