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Alex Morgan and the Nets We Weave

Alex Morgan

There can be little doubt that we are all living in an age of “outrage” and “hyper-outrage.” Everyone, it would appear is offended by most anything. This is no more obvious than in the world of sports where we must all keep to a fine line between “truth” and “what offends.” Sometimes the line gets so narrow so as to not be a line at all; it is just a tiny speck that can only be seen with an electron microscope. First, I will start with my favorite topic these […]

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Brittney and Glory: Times Have Changed, Ethical Principles Have Not

In less than 25 years, our society has witnessed incredible change. Who would have imagined in 1990 a women’s professional basketball league? Maybe just a few of us. Who would have imagined a legal, same-sex marriage between two women playing in that league? I would venture to say, “no one.” Attitudes and societal values have radically shifted; many of us would agree that the changes have been positive and necessary. The fact that two women met, fell in love and married is not the domain of Sports Ethics – and […]

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Why I Teach and Believe in Sports Ethics

My passion is in teaching and consulting on one simple topic: helping others to make good choices and good decisions. I also teach a related concept: bad choices lead to negative consequences. My work takes me all over the country and it sometimes takes me overseas. I have taught and consulted to the very wealthy and to men and women just starting out. I have taught people with incredible, natural talent and people who have had to struggle and fight for anything and everything they have ever received. I have […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Curt Schilling Sticks Up for His Daughter

The Schillings

Curt Schilling has taken a social media stance for his daughter – it is about time that someone in sports stood up for what is right in regard the social media. If you haven’t heard the story, let me skip to the basic details. Curt Schilling’s daughter Gabby, inherited her father’s pitching skills; she is so good that last year she pitched in the USSSA Girls Fastpitch World Series. She got accepted into Salve Regina University for their Seahawks fastpitch team. If you are a parent, or have a niece […]

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Thanks for the Fraud and the Paint Job, UNC!

Painting the Bell

For the first time since 2011, the University of North Carolina football team defeated Duke. The score was pretty impressive: 45-20 and I get it; there was a celebration after the victory. You win a big game and you celebrate. The problem is that the University of North Carolina football team, as part of their celebration, decided to trash Duke’s visiting team locker room and the practice field with blue spray paint. So far the damage exceeds $25,000. In an article by Steve Wiseman (November 24, 2014) for the Durham […]

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Please Retweet! The Gender Politics of Grass versus Plastic

Women's Soccer

True story: There’s a guy in the neighborhood who hates to mow his lawn. So a number of years ago, he put artificial turf in his front yard. Aside from the fact that it is green, in no way does it compare to grass. The ground is rock hard, and to touch it is like 60-grit sandpaper. So imagine playing soccer (football) on it. I am not talking about passing a soccer ball to your seven year old, I am talking about an intense World Cup game. Imagine sliding tackles […]

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Women’s Soccer Hazing Incident at University of New Mexico

Poor ethical behavior can occur most anywhere in sports; it is equal in its ability to invade any program, men’s or women’s, any sport and any division. Our contention is that poor ethical choices creep into a program when solid sports ethics training is absent. On August 20, 2014, a press conference was held at the University of New Mexico with vice president of athletics Paul Krebs and Women’s head soccer coach Kit Vela. Paul Krebs made the following statement: “We failed the young women of our soccer program who […]

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