Fan Behavior

Ethics Doesn’t Care That Pete Had 4,256 base hits

Pete Rose

The commissioner of Major League Baseball had a clear choice. He could have satisfied legions of fans, autograph hounds and several “on-air’s” by lifting the permanent ban on Pete Rose, or he could have taken the ethical route and respected the game enough to keep the ban in place. He chose ethics. Rob Manfred, not Pete Rose, is our hero. We are living in an era where people are more concerned with talking over each other rather than to each other and where the perception of good ethics are often […]

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Steve Sarkisian Makes It to the Dance

Steve Sarkisian

It is terribly easy for us to get angry at Steve Sarkisian. We have talked about him before. When USC terminated their former head coach for being a drunk, they must have thought he would slink off into the night or possibly to the corner bar. In an article for ESPN (December 8, 2015) entitled: “Steve Sarkisian files wrongful-termination lawsuit against USC,” we learn that Sarkisian did not slink off, but lawyered up: “Steve Sarkisian filed suit against the university Monday, saying the school ‘kicked him to the curb’ and […]

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Remember the Titans – Revisited

Remember the Titans

We all have our secret addictions. Mine is to sports movies. I have seen most of them and I often remember quotes from them. The quotes strangely flooded back to me this week. I was listening to one of the major cable news stations and they were airing footage of the protestors in Chicago on Black Friday and the reactions to those protests. People on both sides of the issue were screaming, pushing, and fighting one another; both sides yelling how un-American the other side was. I thought of Denzel […]

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Ronda Rousey will be Fine; No Matter

Ronda Rousey

Yes, I know that Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, but Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, and Sugar Ray Leonard were not – and you’ve got to admit they were pretty fair boxers. Peyton Manning lost last week and he was taken out of another game this week. Michael Jordan was super-human in his prime, but eventually he quit because his skills had diminished and Abby Wambach gracefully bowed out because her body told her it was time to leave. Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm. It was an upset, but it was […]

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“Honoring Thy Father” costs Cam Heyward Bucks

Cam Heyward 2

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward has been honoring the memory of his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. Each time he honors his father’s memory, he is fined nearly $6,000. He has no intention of stopping. You may remember Craig Heyward who was a running back for five different NFL teams. He was imposing to say the least and over his career his weight averaged about 280 pounds. Somehow and somewhere along the line he picked up the unusual nick-name. In his career, Craig Heyward was nearly impossible to stop. […]

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At the Precipice of the Lamar Odom Blame Game

Lamar Odom

A very long time ago, moving between careers, my decision was to become an EMT for the City of New York. I worked on the streets as an EMT and then unwisely – or wisely, I went back to school full-time to become a paramedic. My territory was primarily Harlem and Spanish Harlem. However owing to the fact that Manhattan is a place where the have’s, have-not’s and all those in-between are within feet or buildings of one another, there was never a typical evening nor a typical patient nor […]

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Where is Roger? Maybe Sitting Next to You.

The first game of the NFL season was (ironically) the New England Patriots versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. New England won 28 to 21. It was not that close and by the end of the 3rd Quarter, the outcome was not much in doubt. Like them or hate them, the Patriots are good. Unless you have been in isolation with a lost tribe in the Amazon, you undoubtedly know about “Deflate-gate,” and that at the end of it, the outcome was more deflated than the footballs. Also by the end of […]

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Time to de-flate the rowboat


This blog will begin with an old, old story, told to me when I was a kid – which was a long time ago. Two guys of very little means, were also avid fishermen. One fine day, while passing a department store window, they happened to see a really sweet row boat. It was beautiful and just the thing to let them row out to where the big fish hid. They put together a plan. They would dress in greasy overalls and work boots, walk into the store like they […]

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De’Andre Johnson and the Spin Machine

Throwing the Punch

Let me start out by being crystal clear in regard to my position on FSU releasing Freshman QB De’Andre Johnson. The first point is that in my opinion FSU did the right thing. I know that some die-hard fans are actually blaming the woman for getting punched in the face; some are suggesting that Johnson is taking the fall for the past sins of one Jameis Winston. Both arguments are as weak as the cheap beer on tap in a college bar. The second point: you don’t hit women. I […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Darren Sharper’s Legacy

Darren Sharper

Why does a man (or woman) kill a legacy? What are the decisions that lead a person to wipe out everything they played for, everything they stood for and destroy it? While we are asking these questions, why would any sports fan or sports writer suggest that when we consider a player for the HOF that his or her off the field behavior should not be taken into account? Darren Sharper had a 14 year run with the NFL. The Super Bowl winning, All-Pro safety with the New Orleans Saints, […]

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