Little League Baseball

Idiot Adults Playing Kids Games

The other day I came across an online piece and naturally, the embedded clip of a fight that broke out at a baseball game in the Alaska Baseball League. I had never heard of the league, but now I know the league for a pretty good right cross thrown by one coach into the face of the other coach. Next year, if I want my MMA fix, maybe I’ll watch baseball from Alaska. Unlike MMA combatants, these two clowns would have run out of steam after a few minutes. Nevertheless, […]

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Mo’ne Davis: Something is Ethically Wrong with this Picture

The headlines blared last night: “Las Vegas spoils Mo’ne’s night, beats Philly 8-1.” The headlines are wrong. Mo’ne is a 13 year old and she is part of a team, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t play every position on the field. The night was spoiled for the entire team and in case no one noticed, she is still a kid. What is wrong with this picture is not Mo’ne. What is wrong with this picture is that the adults are acting like kids and the kids are acting like […]

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