NCAA Women’s Basketball

More Gender Bias in Sports

More often than not, we are confronted with gender stereotypes in sports that do a major disservice to both men and women. It has again happened this week. For example, there are those who put on the blinders and say, “Well, the PED controversy applies to men, of course. Women could care less about that kind of stuff.” I need only mention the tragic case of track star Marion Jones or Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo who was banned 2 years for PED’s and just the day before yesterday, Olympic champion […]

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In the Age of “Everybody Wins”

Prep Schools Tank

Sometime in the recent past, psychologists told moms, dads and their teachers that it was bad for the self-esteem of children to lose. We started to have a shift in mindset so that in leagues and schools across the country, the net result of athletic competition was that “everyone won.” Every kid received blue ribbons and trophies whether their team was in first place or last; weather they won a “squeaker,” or were trounced 100 – 23. It was supposed to be good for the psyche and good for self-development. […]

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Chuck’s Sports Ethics Hero Award: Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

It would not be a major assumption on my part to say that chances are you have never heard of Division III, Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I personally love Division III sports because there is still a strong core of student athletes who play sports for all of the right reasons. While every so often, an outstanding athlete emerges from D-III ranks to become a professional standout (Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills comes to mind), most of the athletes go on to all kinds of careers […]

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