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Jim Thorpe All-American and More

Jim Thorpe

“He wore America’s Heart over His” – Movie Promotional Subtitle  So sue me. I am a sucker for any sports movie that comes along; even the bad ones. I can trace my love of these movies to a grainy B&W movie I watched as a young boy, “Jim Thorpe All-American.” It was a Warner Brothers release (1951) and it depicted the rise of one of the greatest athletes in our nation’s history. The movie was not “high art,” but to my young eyes it was inspiring, beautiful and ultimately tragic. […]

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Who Gives a Rip about Good Choices?

A man whose opinions I greatly admire, was having a conversation with me over dinner just the other evening. “Chuck,” he said, “why should any decent professional athlete care about making good ethical choices? No matter what they do, they always make it back to the playing field.” I could have answered his statement with a “yes,” “no,” or even a “maybe.” Instead, let’s first talk about several news stories over the past few days. Yesterday in Palestine, Texas was Adrian Peterson Day. Residents held up banners saying things like: “We’ve […]

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Marlins and Other Sucker Fish

Miami Marlins Uniform

As I sit here looking at the paper (yes, I still read the paper when I’m on the road), I note the Miami Marlins are in full command of the NL East basement. Right now, the best thing they have going for them is their spiffy logo. Still, they are major league ball players, many of them are multi-millionaires and they possess a skill set that most of us mere mortals can only dream about. I need to say something else at the outset of this blog without sounding like […]

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Ryan Braun: Is it enough to be talented and rich?

Ryan Braun

He is a phenomenal ball player who is having (for him) a down year along with the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers team. As I sit here and write this blog, the Brewers are about to get beat by the Braves, reassuring everyone in the good City of Milwaukee that their last place standing in the NL Central is for real. Ironically, as I start this blog and watch the game-cast, Ryan Braun, Brewers outfielder and superstar just lined out. His lackluster performance so far this season (.294) keep the Braun trade […]

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