Sports Ethics Story of 2016 (So Far): Laremy Tunsil

 Laremy Tunsil, the highly touted Ole Miss Tackle drafted #13 by Miami, could be the ethical story of the year, providing this year’s presidential race doesn’t get any more idiotic. In fact, we would dare say an entire sports ethics course could be written on Tunsil. It’s not over of course, there will be other players who will emerge in this ethical play, but so far its been over the top interesting. The Video The focal point of the 2016 draft, it seems, was Tunsil sucking on a bong while […]

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Sports Ethics Moment: Maria Sharapova’s Forgotten Ethics


Before starting to write this post, I needed to research a bit about Magnesium deficiencies. I am obviously not a doctor of medicine or a licensed nutritionist, so I wanted to research the likelihood of a world class athlete with a team of nutritionists, trainers, chefs and physicians of having a Magnesium problem. From what I have read, it was not very likely at all. Am I pre-occupied with Magnesium? No, but apparently Maria Sharapova is damn well fixated on the stuff. Meldonium The drug Meldonium, a drug illegally used in […]

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Peyton Gets His Turn in the Barrel

Peyton Manning

The story we were greeted to the other day was that Peyton Manning and his wife were supplied with HGH. Here is a quote directly copied from the Huffington Post (December 26, 2015): “An Indianapolis anti-aging clinic supplied quarterback Peyton Manning with human growth hormone, a performance-enhancing drug banned by the NFL, a pharmacist who once worked at the clinic asserts.” The article paraphrased investigative research that was supposedly uncovered by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit. Peyton Manning vehemently denied the charges. What followed on December 27, 2015 was a follow-up […]

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“Honoring Thy Father” costs Cam Heyward Bucks

Cam Heyward 2

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward has been honoring the memory of his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. Each time he honors his father’s memory, he is fined nearly $6,000. He has no intention of stopping. You may remember Craig Heyward who was a running back for five different NFL teams. He was imposing to say the least and over his career his weight averaged about 280 pounds. Somehow and somewhere along the line he picked up the unusual nick-name. In his career, Craig Heyward was nearly impossible to stop. […]

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Steve Sarkisian – not alone on Many Levels

Steve Sarkisian

There is little more to add to Steve Sarkisian’s situation than the obvious; the former USC coach (he was fired today) is an alcoholic, plain and simple, and he has hit what is obviously the lowest point of his life. Anyone who views his predicament with arrogance or smugness is a jerk. If you can’t appreciate the long and uphill battle he faces you have no heart. I have had family members who have succumbed to alcoholism. I don’t know the man, but I feel lousy rotten for him. However, […]

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Suppose Bobby Valentine is Right?

It was very intriguing to read an article by Adam Wells for the Bleacher Report (September 25, 2015), entitled: “Bobby Valentine Says He Thinks PEDs Will Eventually Become Mainstream in Sports.” Stated Mr. Valentine: “This idea that because it’s a drug, and you’re taking it from the outside, that’s bad. But there’s a lot of really good drugs out there that we do take that make us feel better and perform better, and I think these PEDs that people talk about, that are performance-enhancers, will eventually get into the mainstream.” […]

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PED Disconnect: Holding the Mirror to Ourselves

Last week I was interviewed in regard to ethics and PEDs. I am ethically against them, but we can save that conversation for another time. Later the day of the interview, a woman reached out to me on the social media and said that it was a silly argument as the “pharmaceutical industry” had taken over sports and that everyone who plays sports cheats. She admitted she did not like sports or professional athletes in general. I thought a great deal about the interview and the comments above. Something was […]

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Pete Rose and the Time Bomb

We have an exercise we play at Sports Ethics, though it is hardly a game. We take a famous sports scandal, sometimes going back 75 years or more and we analyze it from an ethical perspective. In fact, we are coming out with a book on the topic in about six months. However, the intention of this blog is not to promote a book, but to mourn in a sense, arguably one of the greatest infielders who has ever lived. When we analyze a sports scandal, we go back and […]

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Ryan Braun: Is it enough to be talented and rich?

Ryan Braun

He is a phenomenal ball player who is having (for him) a down year along with the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers team. As I sit here and write this blog, the Brewers are about to get beat by the Braves, reassuring everyone in the good City of Milwaukee that their last place standing in the NL Central is for real. Ironically, as I start this blog and watch the game-cast, Ryan Braun, Brewers outfielder and superstar just lined out. His lackluster performance so far this season (.294) keep the Braun trade […]

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The Past and the Demons Catch up with Tony Bosch

The Associated Press ran a piece by Curt Anderson on October 16, 2014 (“Ex-clinic owner pleads guilty in MLB drug case”) about the former owner of Biogenesis of America, Anthony Bosch. Just a couple of years ago, this was a very big deal. It brought down some of baseball’s biggest names. Biogenesis was the Florida-based company that supplied performance-enhancing drugs to players such as Alex Rodriguez. After much legal wrangling and maneuvering, Bosch finally pleaded guilty to his role in distribution and in exchange for his cooperation with prosecution and […]

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