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Did We Make Larry Brown or Did He Make Us?

It is a simple enough question, made even more bittersweet by the fact that his latest sanction has occurred at SMU; a school with a tragic history, albeit football rather than basketball. Now SMU has been banned from any possibility of tournament play in 2016 and Coach Larry Brown has been suspended for nine games. They have also lost nine scholarship slots as well. Writers and analysts, including Dick Vitale are asking if it is time for Coach Brown to hang up his whistle and clipboard and head off into […]

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Who Gives a Rip about Good Choices?

A man whose opinions I greatly admire, was having a conversation with me over dinner just the other evening. “Chuck,” he said, “why should any decent professional athlete care about making good ethical choices? No matter what they do, they always make it back to the playing field.” I could have answered his statement with a “yes,” “no,” or even a “maybe.” Instead, let’s first talk about several news stories over the past few days. Yesterday in Palestine, Texas was Adrian Peterson Day. Residents held up banners saying things like: “We’ve […]

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Brittney and Glory: Times Have Changed, Ethical Principles Have Not

In less than 25 years, our society has witnessed incredible change. Who would have imagined in 1990 a women’s professional basketball league? Maybe just a few of us. Who would have imagined a legal, same-sex marriage between two women playing in that league? I would venture to say, “no one.” Attitudes and societal values have radically shifted; many of us would agree that the changes have been positive and necessary. The fact that two women met, fell in love and married is not the domain of Sports Ethics – and […]

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Good for you, National Basketball Players Association

Mark July 28, 2014 down as a breakthrough day for professional sports. Attorney Michele Roberts was voted in as the new executive director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). Ms. Roberts is the first woman to take charge of an American professional players union. As an additional credit to the representatives for the teams, the vote was overwhelming in her favor. In multiple reports, Chris Paul the stand-out player for the Los Angeles Clippers and the current president of the NBPA showed a tremendous amount of class with the […]

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