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Seriously, Are We Back to Deflategate?


Always strange to us how we can connect dots to seemingly different, but connected sports stories on any given day. On this date (March 3, 2016), there is a movement afoot to eliminate the chop block (sort of a simultaneous high and low football block that can crush a career), along with the Ivy League wanting to eliminate tackling in practice, plus soccer legend Brandi Chastain volunteering to donate her brain to science for CTE research. The chop block is not without its share controversy, but it does highlight the […]

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Alex Morgan and the Nets We Weave

Alex Morgan

There can be little doubt that we are all living in an age of “outrage” and “hyper-outrage.” Everyone, it would appear is offended by most anything. This is no more obvious than in the world of sports where we must all keep to a fine line between “truth” and “what offends.” Sometimes the line gets so narrow so as to not be a line at all; it is just a tiny speck that can only be seen with an electron microscope. First, I will start with my favorite topic these […]

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Who Gives a Rip about Good Choices?

A man whose opinions I greatly admire, was having a conversation with me over dinner just the other evening. “Chuck,” he said, “why should any decent professional athlete care about making good ethical choices? No matter what they do, they always make it back to the playing field.” I could have answered his statement with a “yes,” “no,” or even a “maybe.” Instead, let’s first talk about several news stories over the past few days. Yesterday in Palestine, Texas was Adrian Peterson Day. Residents held up banners saying things like: “We’ve […]

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When Moronic Fans are ignored

Richard Barklie

Maybe you’ve recently read about this incident following a soccer football match between a French team, Saint Germaine and the English club, Chelsea. There’s a new twist to this racist story. In the Metro train station, a black man was physically stopped from getting on the Paris Metro by fans of the Chelsea football club. He was physically shoved not once, but several times. As the man was pushed off the train, the crowd sang a racist song reminiscent more of the Deep South in 1950 than Europe in 2015. […]

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N. Korean ‘state-sponsored slaves’ Building World Cup Sites

2022 World Cup

We are constantly being told that sports are international. The NFL plays and has played games in London, Toronto, Mexico City and Tokyo. The NBA plays all over Europe and in China. MLB plays exhibition games throughout the world. The even larger question is if we care about larger issues that even go beyond a U.S. or Canadian connection? Do you like soccer? In 2022 the World Cup Finals will be held in Qatar. In an article by Pete Pattisson that appears in the British newspaper the Guardian (November 7, […]

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