Dante Fowler and the Puppets

There is a video circulating of Dante Fowler’s girlfriend and the mother of Dante Fowler’s child throwing punches at each other in the hallway of a Florida apartment. Fowler “signaled” for the fight to begin and then he watches the women fight, before breaking up the physical altercation. The images were caught on surveillance video, as such images usually are.

Dante FowlerFor background, Dante Fowler was the first round pass rusher who was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2015 draft (in fact he was #3). He was promptly injured and has apparently been rehabbing to make the 2016 training camp.

Fowler has been quoted as follows in the Florida Times-Union:

“I’ll be here the whole offseason with the strength coaches and trainers getting right and getting after it. I still haven’t seen the light. Whenever the doctors clear me, that’s when I’ll see it. Until then, I’m doing everything I can to get it stronger.”

Getting right

Fowler is a tremendous football talent and that is why, upon signing, he was awarded a $23.5 million contract. He has, in turn, awarded his team by refereeing a brawl between a woman who had his baby and a woman who is his girlfriend.

For anyone who has been away from football for several years, Jacksonville has been nothing short of abysmal. The team needs this kind of distraction like they need a worse looking helmet.

We will presume by Fowler saying, “…getting right and getting after it,” he is referring to physical therapy and honing his football skills. Unfortunately, he is doing very little to help his common sense and ethical skills.

Neither Chuck Gallagher nor I are inserting ourselves into the dating decisions of this young man. We are not playing the morality card in his regard except to say we don’t like terms such as the “baby’s mommy” or the “baby’s daddy.” Those idiotic terms are the specialty of mindless internet gossip sites where writers shill for celebrities.

He is a father and the woman who gave birth to his child is the mother. There are a certain set of responsibilities that go along with bringing a life into this world. One of those requirements is not to referee a fight between the mother and the new girlfriend.

The two women are not puppets and they are not toys. We know nothing about either, but we do know that the “brawl” did not need to happen. If he helped start it, he could have prevented it.

Granted, there is a lot of ugly raw emotion here. Dante Fowler is a rich, 21-year old and we would guess the two women are the same age, possibly younger. Money and celebrity are powerful. Making good, ethical decisions are often overruled by money and power. Unfortunately, when the money runs out – and it will, the bad consequences from unethical decisions and bad choices will last a lifetime.

The mess

There is an unethical mess transpiring here, and a lack of any guidance or ethical training is apparent. That Dante Fowler played a puppeteer’s game with these women is a given. He was so concerned with juggling other people’s lives, that he lost the essential and ethical focus to control his own life.

We understand. He is young and very rich and does not have the life tools to handle everything that is swirling around him. It is time for people to step up and help him and to have him re-focus on his mission as a person.

We are not just talking about his “football life,” that is his profession. We are wondering who has instilled a code of ethical behavior and good decision making into his psyche. Our guess is that no one has taken the time to really help him in an ethical sense.

One last thought that Chuck continues to teach in his classes and private sessions. Practically nothing we do is private anymore. Whether an athlete commits abuse or the athlete enables abuse, someone or something is recording it.

No one “gets right” by playing these puppet games. It can only cause more wrong.


(By Chuck Gallagher and Bruce Wolk)


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