How to Fake Being a Soccer Goalie for your Next Intramural Game

How to Fake Being a Soccer Goalie for your Next Intramural Game

by Katie Grill-Donovan

So you’ve been called upon to step between the posts and stop some shots have you? Make no mistake, being a goalkeeper is not easy, but luckily this article will provide you with some handy tips and tricks to make the transition into the net a little easier.

If you’re going to fake being a soccer goalie, your success will come down to how intimidating you are. All soccer goalies know that the ability to scare your opponent is a major advantage. There are a few different tactics I like to employ when trying to intimidate opposing players. First, you need to make sure you dress sharp. Ideally, your kit should be all black and you should consider investing in some goalie gloves. Even if you have never played in net, or know nothing about the game, showing up with a goalie jersey and the proper equipment will surely give off the “don’t shoot on me” vibe.

Secondly, remember to have confidence. A goalkeeper should have a certain aura about them that screams, “you will never score on me”. Try to channel that attitude and develop some swag. Confidence also comes from knowing the rules of the game, so if possible try to read up on the regulations. I recommend visiting for the most comprehensive list of rules.

In addition to confidence, making those few big saves that keep your team in the game is crucial. Admittedly, it will be hard to fake this if you’ve never played in net before. To have a better chance of making these saves, watch some soccer tutorial videos or game footage of professional goalkeepers. These videos will hopefully give you a good sense of what your positioning should be like and how to make those big saves.

Perhaps the most important tip I can offer to a new goalkeeper is that communication is everything. Not only is a goalkeeper who communicates intimidating, but they also prevent shots and goals from occurring. Organizing your defense is a critical component of being a goalkeeper, and telling players when they have time, a man-on, or when to get rid of the ball will make your life significantly easier.

Finally, enjoy your time between the irons. Being a goalkeeper is serious business – you’re either the hero or the scapegoat, and sometimes that type of pressure can be tough to deal with. But remember to keep a cool and calm head and don’t dwell on past goals. Good luck!

Katie Grill-Donovan was a goalkeeper on the Illinois State University Women’s Soccer Team

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