How to do the Perfect Push-up

How to do the Perfect Push-up

The new and exciting fitness class craze is high-intensity interval training with a military aspect of training.

This style of training has received some of the biggest hype due to the fast results and health benefits.  Many exercises in these classes include lunges, squats, plyometric, and callisthenic exercises.

One of the best and most efficient exercises of these popular and tough workouts is the push-up.  The push-up has been a cornerstone for workout programming in the military because of how efficient it is on the body.

Predominantly a pectoral exercise, a perfectly performed push-up can deliver results in the trapezius muscle, rhomboids, triceps, biceps, forearms, deltoid muscles, the abdominals, and core.  A push-up executed to perfection can deliver a whole body exercise that can not only shape the body in a great way, but can also increase overall health and conditioning.

A push-up performed with great form can deliver great upper body results and can help develop strong core muscles.

How does one perfect a push-up?  Depending on the ability of the individual, a push-up takes some education on proper form and technique.  The first part of a perfect push-up requires hand positioning that is slightly wider than the shoulders.  Next, the back, lower back, gluteus muscles, thighs, and legs all remain straight in a high plank position.  This is the starting point and is the foundation of the push-up.  From here, in a controlled movement, the body should be lowered so that both elbows make a perfect 90 degree angle.  Once that 90 degree angle is reached, push from the hands through the arms to straighten the body upwards away from the ground, keeping the core strong and stable.

Starting slow is the key to great technique and beginning with one or two at a time until the form is perfect is recommended.  Once the technique is perfected, add more reps so that each time, the arms are challenged more and become either shaky or you just cannot perform anymore.

Written By: Chris Churan, M.S., certified health fitness specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine

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