John Boyett – Waiting for Strike 3

There are times when this blog feels like the old-time police blotter, where reporters back in the day would snoop around the precinct houses looking for interesting or off-beat cases to put in the morning edition. I give you the case of safety John Boyett, former Colts player and now former Broncos player. He would have definitely made the blotter in the old days.

John BoyettIt was Mr. Boyett who back in 2013 cursed out police officers as he was being arrested for being drunk and disorderly by saying: “You can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player!” This kind of statement, as anyone who has ever worn a police officer’s uniform will tell you, is guaranteed to endear a drunk to an arresting officer to no end!

Now let’s forward the action to 2014 where Boyett supposedly had a new lease on life by making it to the Broncos practice squad. On October 23, 2014, he decided to party at another bar where, you guessed it, he got drunk and disorderly.

According to the Denver Post:

“Police said Boyett tried to take food off another patron’s plate and was asked to leave when he became agitated, threatening to punch a bartender and refusing to pay his tab.

Two police officers responded and called Boyett a cab. About five minutes later, the driver called authorities to report he had been assaulted by Boyett on the 9700 block of East Arapahoe Road, records say.”

Here is where the story gets interesting; after assaulting the driver, Boyett ran over to a construction site, found a shovel and then tried to cover himself in mulch. He is probably not much of a landscaper, because the police immediately found him.

When they tried to arrest him, he pulled the old, do you know who I am song and dance again. He was charged with third-degree assault, harassment, and theft.

The Broncos fired him.

Here’s the thing, John

You were on the thinnest part of the bubble; the practice squad. You had almost no options except to play your rear off, impress the coaches and to stay as far away from trouble as you could. You were playing for the Broncos which meant your chances for making it into a starting role were slim.

You went out, got drunk again, tried to bully people, stole, assaulted a cab driver and then hid from the police. What did you think was going to happen?

This part of the story isn’t old business as usual NFL stuff; no team wants jerks anymore.

My strong guess is that other than some droning lectures from the league office and a production number at rookie meetings, no one ever talked common sense ethical behavior to John Boyett. No one ever reached him with an understanding of choices and consequences or conditioned him with what we call “Ethical Muscle Memory.”

It was all a big joke to Mr. Boyett, I am sure, so how come no one is laughing?

John Boyett had a second chance and he messed it up. It happens to some guys that way. I hope he can get right, get clean clean and try again. I hope he understands humility and good ethics the next time around. I believe I could reach him.

He was given a special gift and the ability to play in the NFL. However, unless he can see that from an ethical perspective, he may never get another shot again.




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