Maybe your kid should know about Donte Rumph

Donte RumphI am not an evaluator of potential NFL talent. I am connected through the social media to several scouts and coaches and I am sure they could offer a million insights I lack, but there is something about Donte Rumph’s story that appeals to me. I am not saying Donte’s story will be another “Blind Side” or even a “Rudy!” I don’t know if he is good enough for the NFL, but he believes he is good enough and maybe that is all that is important to this story.

Lately I look around and I see so many people with their heads buried in their “mobile devices,” waiting for miracles that never come to them. A lot of these fine people believe that life owes them something. After all, they see miracles happen every day on reality TV. It just doesn’t work that way. I learned a long time ago that “life” owes us nothing. We have to go out and work for what we get.

Donte Rumph is living in a tent near to Falcons headquarters as I write this. He is hoping for another shot with them. He and this tent of his are refreshing. He has faith and he has courage and he is not relying on friends or followers or someone to post his image for 30 seconds. He understands “the long haul,” and he has already been on reality TV, thank you.

Not difficult to find

Rumph weighs in at 320 pounds. He is an NFL free agent (Kentucky) who was completely humiliated last year on an HBO reality show called “Hard Knocks.” He unsuccessfully tried out with the Atlanta Falcons with cameras rolling. The coaches at the camp were not too kind to Rumph, but training camps are not kind places. Your coach might be a nice guy off the field, but on the field you will learn to hate each other. Guaranteed.

So on the reality TV show in full view of the world, Rumph’s coaches (one of whom had nick-named him “Cupcake”), kicked him out of camp. We might add that the nick-name came up after Rumph hyper-extended his elbow and was on the ground in moaning pain. I am not trying to coddle him, but have you ever hyper-extended a joint? If you ever do, let me know how it feels.

To be balanced, the show does not go into other details (reality TV never does) – like if a coach doesn’t do their job, he or she will also get canned down the line. As I said, there is little gentle or forgiving about NFL training camps.

Rumph calls his tent the “Tent of Faith,” and he is living in the tent and training as much as he can, hoping a team will take him. He started off by occupying some space at the Falcons headquarters itself and they kicked him away. He lives on a nearby piece of property. He has just gotten an invite to the NY Giants mini-camp and the Raiders, the masters of recycling and redemption are reportedly willing to look at him as well. He is also hoping that the Falcons give him another shot. The Jets gave him a look; that didn’t work out. It didn’t deter him. He has faith and a woman who loves him, and that is enough to sustain him.

What impresses

Whether Donte Rumph ever steps onto the playing field as a professional football player is certainly not for me to say. A lot of guys get invited to tryouts and most fail. They walk away, put their old jerseys on a shelf and start getting their resumes in order. There is no sin in failing, only in not trying.

What impresses me about this young man is that he is not going quietly away and he wants to keep trying until he can’t try anymore. I know far too many people who have no goals, no beliefs and no purpose.

Rumph has a purpose. Tent or no tent he is giving his dream a try. Even if he fails, we can appreciate his courage. He is no Cupcake.



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