Room and A/V Setup

Room and A/V Setup for Sports Ethics Presentations

Proper setup of your meeting room or learning environment is key for maximum success. Below are some ideas that may add to the quality of your meeting. These are just suggestions as sometimes, meetings might also take place in classroom settings or athletic facilities.

For Keynote Presentations:

  • Meeting rooms without outside sources of light (bright sunlight) may be less distracting and enhance Power Point or DVD presentations. To the extent possible, lighting control would be helpful if multi-media is used.
  • Chuck prefers a wireless clip-on microphone as he often engages the audience and moves through the room.
  • To the extent possible, use a dark backdrop as the face of the presenters is accentuated against it and audiences are more focused.
  • Consider additional light sources for the presenter. Studies have proven that when the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted.
  • Provide plenty of stage room or access to the audience.
  • For all keynotes and all workshops, please provide a data projector and screen making sure that there is a fresh bulb or spare available along with AV help in the event they are needed.
  • About an hour before the presentation, Chuck would like to meet with the AV expert to review the lighting, sound and projection.
  • Video/audio taping of Chuck Gallagher’s presentation is granted for archival purposes and may be made available for internal viewing for six (6) months post event. Additional copies of the presentation may not be made, distributed or sold. Client must provide a copy of the recording to Sports Ethics, LLC within 30 days post event.

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