Rousey vs. Mayweather: No One Wins

Rousey-MayweatherNo sooner than Rousey prepares for and beats Correa, than there is more commentary about a match for charity (whatever that is supposed to mean), between Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey.

So there is no mistaking our position on the matter, we are totally against the idea. It is a stupid, pointless, media driven piece of hype that will end badly both inside and outside the ring. This is not Billy Jean King versus Bobby Riggs. This is gossip column meeting reality TV.

Don’t care who “wins”

Where should we start?

We will start with comments made by Ronda Rousey herself who said that a man slugging it out with a woman in the ring sends the wrong message. We could not agree more. Or, we could start with Floyd Mayweather’s domestic violence. He served jail time for a 2010 incident. The press has wondered on several occasions why people still pay to see a man who committed domestic violence. Mayweather claims that the violence did not go down as it was reported. In any case, he was tried in a court of law and he served a couple months of jail time.

I am not an expert on the law, but I do know that the place to start in regard to cases such as Mayweather’s sentence is to examine how we as a society view celebrity and how celebrities, male or female, are regarded and judged differently than the rest of us.

The night of the ESPY’s, Rousey reportedly said:

“I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once.” A number of reporters took that to mean that the MMA fighter was more than happy to mix it up with an undefeated boxer.

Later, Rousey made a joke of it, saying that she didn’t think she and Floyd would ever have a fight unless the two of them were dating!

However, none of this posturing is a laughing matter.

Ronda Rousey is a Phenom. She is also a Martial Artist at the top of her game. She takes what she does seriously. She is not a circus clown and she is not an emblem for all women, womanhood or women’s rights.

She is an incredible athlete who should, under normal circumstances, be able to defend herself against most men or women in her weight range and higher. Why should this surprise anyone? This has been going on in the martial arts for thousands of years. The martial arts were developed so that those normally at a disadvantage could defeat opponents who were larger or stronger or younger; with or without weapons. However a trained martial artist also realizes the responsibility that comes with that training.

If Ronda Rousey beats a man in the ring, it will do absolutely nothing to stop domestic violence.

Floyd Mayweather is a Phenom. He is a Boxer at the top of his game. He too, takes his art very seriously. He is not a circus clown either, nor is he an aging Boxer doing an exhibition match against a kickboxer for a few bucks (ala Ali).

Mayweather is not an emblem for all males, manhood or men’s rights. He represents himself and his values as a person, but he hardly represents “men.”

The two sports, MMA and Boxing, are radically different and require very different skillsets. I am quite certain LeBron James could not stand in a soccer goal and stop most shots by Abby Wambach. She could not dunk over his head on a basketball court.

Should Mayweather get into the ring against Rousey she has a decent chance of beating him. No one is arguing that. However, should he connect with her face or body, he will knock her out or break her ribs. It could be ugly. If he knocks her out, he will be even more reviled by many. He cannot win even if he wins. She cannot win either.

Nothing good can come of this.

Far, far better, we raise compassionate and loving children and teach them to look for the good in one another. Far better we conquer things such as childhood depression and abuse within families so that our society values good ethics above violence and compassion over stupidity and bigotry.



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