Collegiate Athlete’s Choices

Negative Consequences or Positive Results

Choices matter! Bad ethical behavior and a lack of safe-guards can bring a Collegiate Athlete or his or her entire team to its knees. Bad choices can destroy careers, remove credibility, bring lawsuits and negative publicity and ultimately result in a loss of revenues for everyone involved – including those athletes turning pro.

Negative Consequence or Positive Results

This program will teach Collegiate Athletes ethical considerations relating to the following important issues:

  • How unethical practices really matter when it comes to credibility. Chuck will bring in examples from business and government as well as from the world of sports, showing catastrophic results from bad choices.
  • How looking the other way can badly affect an entire team. Chuck will bring in real life scenarios from business and government as well as from the world of sports.
  • Chuck will show how difficult it is for athletes and teams to recover from poor ethical behavior.

We are pleased to introduce issues relevant to your organization and to discuss the challenges and opportunities these issues may bring. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

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