Sports Ethics for Collegiate Athletes

Common Sense Choices for Changing Sports Times

Ethically speaking, times have never changed so rapidly in the world of sports as they are changing now. “Traps” are everywhere and the opportunity to make mistakes has never been greater.

Sports Ethics- Shaking Hands

We are pleased to introduce issues relevant to your organization and to discuss the challenges and opportunities these issues may bring. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

This course is intended to teach Collegiate Athletes ethical considerations relating to the following challenges:

  • Unfolding ethical issues regarding all kinds of substance abuse (both ‘Street’ Drugs and PEDs), as well as the latest issues concerning athletes in states where Marijuana has become legalized.
  • Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues (LGBTG) where now, more than ever sensitivity must be applied to a broad range of orientation issues.
  • Sexual harassment sensitivity and understanding, especially in regard to issues of athletic participation and facilities.
  •  Money and the collegiate athlete
  • Breaking the law; the surest way to end a career
  • Issues pertaining to Race and Religion, the Social Media and many other current topics.

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