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Looking Backward for Forward Thinking Lessons

Looking Backward for Forward-Thinking Lessons

Unfortunately, Professional Athletes, coaches and others involved in the world of sports have been involved in serious scandals over the past 50 years. This program will review 7 famous sports scandals from an ethical perspective in a lively and valuable question and answer format. The program is a lot of fun in the sense that it encourages participation but is highly relevant and very real.

This program will teach ethical considerations relating to the following important issues:

  • A review of 7 classic sports scandals, showing Professional Athletes how similar scandals could happen today, and how they could result in even bigger consequences.
  • What happened to those involved in the scandals? What became of their lives?
  • Viewing 7 classic sports scandals through a different lens; what could have been the one choice that might have changed the entire outcome?
  • Rather than becoming interesting pieces of “ancient” history, the scandals provide extremely important ethical teaching tools; the past can be used to prevent tragic mistakes in the future. We will review sports scandals possibly about to happen.

We are pleased to introduce issues relevant to your organization and to discuss the challenges and opportunities these issues may bring. In addition to group sessions, we also offer highly effective and confidential consultation with professional athletes and coaches to advise on correcting ethical mistakes and to overcome negative ethical images.

Please contact us with any questions or requests.

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