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Jim Thorpe All-American and More

Jim Thorpe

“He wore America’s Heart over His” – Movie Promotional Subtitle  So sue me. I am a sucker for any sports movie that comes along; even the bad ones. I can trace my love of these movies to a grainy B&W movie I watched as a young boy, “Jim Thorpe All-American.” It was a Warner Brothers release (1951) and it depicted the rise of one of the greatest athletes in our nation’s history. The movie was not “high art,” but to my young eyes it was inspiring, beautiful and ultimately tragic. […]

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Should the NFL Listen to Jen Welter?

Jen Welter

It was a small article that will probably be ignored amid today’s news of Tom Brady getting exonerated, the final games of the football pre-season and baseball’s postseason just beginning to take shape. However, this small story is more important than all of them. Josh Weinfuss, writing for ESPN (September 3, 2015): “Jen Welter: Female coaches could help solve domestic violence problem,” raised the idea put forth by the Arizona Cardinal’s former coaching intern Jen Welter. Her suggestion was to hire female coaches to reduce off the field violence. In […]

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More Gender Bias in Sports

More often than not, we are confronted with gender stereotypes in sports that do a major disservice to both men and women. It has again happened this week. For example, there are those who put on the blinders and say, “Well, the PED controversy applies to men, of course. Women could care less about that kind of stuff.” I need only mention the tragic case of track star Marion Jones or Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo who was banned 2 years for PED’s and just the day before yesterday, Olympic champion […]

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Another Reason to Never Go to an NFL Game Again


As if the National Football League does not have enough problems, once again there were bunches of drunks who got into a brawls at two stadiums on Sunday (September 22, 2014) as the Arizona Cardinals were defeating the San Francisco 49ers at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and the Eagles faced off against the Redskins. The brawls are all over the social media, and if you have two or three minutes to waste, you can look it up and see a bunch of drunk, grown-up children yelling things that […]

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