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Ray Rice and His Choices: No one has helped him

Ray Rice in Court

The news of the day is that the domestic violence charges against Ray Rice, former NFL running back have been dropped. What began in February 2014, has come to an end on May 20, 2015. Many things have happened in the past year plus three months; a great many of them much more important than football or even sports. However, within this small world it can be argued that the former Baltimore Ravens player brought many people face-to-face with the ugly face of domestic violence and the indifference of those […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Not Like You Care

Bernard Pierce

“Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow, not like you care.” – Bernard Pierce, RB Baltimore Ravens This is where the diehard fans invariably stop following me. It is when I talk about bad choices leading to bad consequences, where I dare to suggest that drunk drivers are wrong, and that professional athletes had better be damn careful before they do something stupid. “Chuck, what are you some kind of wimp/good-two-shoes/Mr. Perfect? All the guy did was have a few […]

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What is private? In the locker room, just about nothing

John Harbaugh

One of the topics I frequently cover with both athletes and executives is that just about nothing is private, and that with today’s “new media” just about nothing is forgotten. In John Harbaugh’s case, as an NFL head coach, he is both an executive and a sports figure – and make no mistake that he must be a business person as much as the man who is the face of the Baltimore Ravens. This blog is not so much about Harbaugh, as an example to every athlete who makes a drunken […]

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The NFL has Choices and It Also Has Consequences

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings

USA TODAY in an online article (September 16, 2014) by Erik Brady and Jim Corbett entitled: “NFL sends mixed messages on domestic violence response,” presented an interesting and balanced piece on the current cases that have been placed in the national spotlight. Allow me to quote from the first paragraph of the piece: “The domestic violence controversy roiling the NFL and the nation made news on twin tracks Monday, as the league announced the appointment of new senior advisors who will help shape its policies at the same time the […]

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Do Fans Have an Ethical Responsibility?

This is one of those posts where I better not post a picture for reasons you will quickly discover (but you can easily find), that leads to an area that we rarely discuss; fan ethical responsibility. The incident under discussion concerns a Cleveland Browns fan, and the story, entitled: “Man charged with urinating on Modell’s grave,” kind of says it all. The story was recently carried by the Associated Press (August 5, 2014) and picked up by newspapers, magazines and online services across the United States. The back story concerns […]

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