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Let’s all pile on Josh Gordon


An alternative title to this blog might be: Why Sports Ethics? At the outset, I want to say that I am not about to stand up and play a violin and sing a song about how Josh Gordon is just a poor, misunderstood guy who didn’t do anything wrong. If you know anything about my background and what happened to me, you would know that I don’t believe in “coddling.” Josh Gordon has just failed another drug test. Great (yes, I am being sarcastic). He is looking at a one-year […]

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Ethical Thoughts of Josh Gordon’s Choices

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is currently selling cars for an Ohio car dealership, and that’s a shame. Oh don’t get me wrong, selling cars or men’s suits or lawn furniture are all noble professions, but not for Josh Gordon. He should on the football field playing WR for the Cleveland Browns. All of that said, I don’t feel sorry for him; not one bit. If it will take him a year of kicking tires and wearing a plaid sport coat to understand where his choices led him, then the suspension (recently upheld […]

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Do Fans Have an Ethical Responsibility?

This is one of those posts where I better not post a picture for reasons you will quickly discover (but you can easily find), that leads to an area that we rarely discuss; fan ethical responsibility. The incident under discussion concerns a Cleveland Browns fan, and the story, entitled: “Man charged with urinating on Modell’s grave,” kind of says it all. The story was recently carried by the Associated Press (August 5, 2014) and picked up by newspapers, magazines and online services across the United States. The back story concerns […]

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