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What’s a Coach to Do? Teach Ethics!

Stan Van Gundy

News flash: star players are treated differently than bench sitters. If we have surprised you with that observation, please let us know. In fact, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you along with a classic Ford Pinto and a case of White Coke. As for the news flash, no matter your game of choice, the star player almost always gets star treatment. Is it fair? Depends of course; always depends, and we’re not talking adult diapers. Teams and leagues often peg their status to the exceptional human beings who […]

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Tristan Thompson and “The Kiss”

Tristan Thompson

Anyone remember the “famous” Joe Namath-Suzy Kolber kiss? Joe was loaded at the time, and he was probably channeling his inner self back to the time when he was 1960s “Broadway Joe” with the fur coat and everyone told him he was irresistible. “The Kiss” occurred in 2003 and by then, the women’s movement had already been evolving for decades. To his credit, Joe called Suzy the next day and apologized. He told the media that he was embarrassed and felt humiliated. He checked into rehab. However, no matter how much […]

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