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Greg Hardy, Swiss Cheese and Digital Ethics


Greg Hardy will not get cut; Jerry Jones won’t cut him, the player’s union won’t cut him and most fans could care less. Domestic violence is wrong no matter who is doing the hitting and who is being hit. Man on woman, woman on man, same-sex assaults, it’s all bad. The law is very clear on such assaults. The law and not the NFL nor the NFLPA nor the Dallas Cowboys adjudicates in our society, nor even the court of opinion, political correctness and hearsay. It is the legal system. […]

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Steve Sarkisian – not alone on Many Levels

Steve Sarkisian

There is little more to add to Steve Sarkisian’s situation than the obvious; the former USC coach (he was fired today) is an alcoholic, plain and simple, and he has hit what is obviously the lowest point of his life. Anyone who views his predicament with arrogance or smugness is a jerk. If you can’t appreciate the long and uphill battle he faces you have no heart. I have had family members who have succumbed to alcoholism. I don’t know the man, but I feel lousy rotten for him. However, […]

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Ray Rice is Looking Better

Ray Rice

Please forgive us for not spending half this post re-hashing all of the details of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Anyone with a room temperature IQ and a sense of right and wrong understands what he did was wrong. We don’t speculate on whether his skills qualify him for a return to football on athletic merit. We don’t know. Chuck lectures, consults and trains others on the topics of sports ethics; he doesn’t keep stats on “40 times” and production/productivity. We don’t know if Rice will ever wear a […]

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Take a Chance on Randy Gregory? You know I would.

Randy Gregory was a legitimate top 10, first round draft pick. He was finally picked up by the Dallas Cowboys at 60. If all goes well (and yes, I know that “If” is a damn big word), the Dallas Cowboys will have the steal of the draft. How does a young man slip about 50 places on draft night? Two reasons. The first reason says something about him, and the second reason might say a lot about us. Gregory was a standout defensive end at the University of Nebraska. He […]

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Joseph Randle: Hollow Apologies and Real Good-byes


“It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life,” Randle said two days after his arrest. “I’ve never gotten in any kind of trouble in my whole life. This is just something I’ll have to learn from and move forward.” — Joseph Randle, October 2014 In October 2014, Joseph Randle was arrested for shop-lifting underwear and men’s cologne from an upscale shopping mall near Dallas. Even more ridiculous about this crime was the fact that it was a tester bottle of Gucci cologne. You know, the kind of bottle […]

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Joseph Randle’s Stinkin’ Cologne

Joseph Randle

As I write this blog, I can’t help but look at all the irony. The Dallas Cowboys are arguably having their best year since 2009. They have come together as a team. Tony Romo is having a breakout crazy year and in their recent defeat of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks many experts have wondered if they have suddenly become the best team in football. Here’s another irony: in the game against Seattle, running back Joseph Randle had a record breaking game with 10.4 yards per carry; the best […]

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