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Wade Phillips: What He Can Teach Us about Ethics


The announcer initially said that “Wade Phillips has collapsed on the sideline.” I was in the process of replenishing the salsa and chips in the kitchen at the time and I ran back to the television saying, “Oh no!” Given the stresses of coaching, I must admit that I initially thought the worst. I did not see him get hit by one of his own players. “Collapse” was inaccurate; it was more like “leveled.” I saw a group of coaches and trainers surround him and several players down on one […]

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John Boyett – Waiting for Strike 3

John Boyett

There are times when this blog feels like the old-time police blotter, where reporters back in the day would snoop around the precinct houses looking for interesting or off-beat cases to put in the morning edition. I give you the case of safety John Boyett, former Colts player and now former Broncos player. He would have definitely made the blotter in the old days. It was Mr. Boyett who back in 2013 cursed out police officers as he was being arrested for being drunk and disorderly by saying: “You can’t […]

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