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Deflate-gate, Other Ethical Follies


Let us talk a little bit under-inflated footballs. It’s a silly discussion, I know, but all of a sudden the Super Bowl could be tainted because of it. The other day I wrote a blog saying that the accusations that the Patriots had intentionally deflated footballs was pretty much a joke. Who would risk it? I mused. It was obvious the Patriots were dominant from the beginning and that the Colts had no chance. I was sure that an under-inflation must have been a mistake; perhaps a faulty football or simple error. […]

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Football-gate? Would you risk it? Neither would we.


Who would ever think we would be talking about PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) following an AFC Championship game? Even the term “PSI” scares me, because of my intense memories of high school and college physics. After the Indianapolis Colts loss to the Patriots, by a score of 45-7, a radio station in Indianapolis (WTHR) reported that the Patriots are about to be investigated by the NFL for using an under-inflated football. I might mention that IF this “report” were true, and IF a culprit was found, it could have […]

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Why means why: Josh McNary Exempt


Arguably, Josh McNary, the Indianapolis Colts linebacker, was about to face the biggest game of his career. Whether by miracle, divine intervention or (what I like to believe) by good, hard-nosed football, the Colts defeated the Denver Broncos to make it to the AFC championship game. It is not going to be easy to get by the New England Patriots to contend for the Super Bowl, but with an intact team, a team driven to one purpose and a team without distraction, they had a shot. Josh McNary was just […]

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John Boyett – Waiting for Strike 3

John Boyett

There are times when this blog feels like the old-time police blotter, where reporters back in the day would snoop around the precinct houses looking for interesting or off-beat cases to put in the morning edition. I give you the case of safety John Boyett, former Colts player and now former Broncos player. He would have definitely made the blotter in the old days. It was Mr. Boyett who back in 2013 cursed out police officers as he was being arrested for being drunk and disorderly by saying: “You can’t […]

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