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Justin Blackmon: Melting Down a Career

Amid the hype and hollering of first round, second round, third round euphoria; amid the hanger’s on, leeches, new-found relatives and long-lost friends, is a voice that is so soft that it is often not heard. It is the voice that is often drowned out in the cacophony of the “on-airs,” agency deals, publicists, endorsement deals; the voice unheard in parties, clubs, backstage passes and celebrity. It is the voice of ethics; of someone teaching a young, frighteningly talented football player like Justin Blackmon about making good choices rather than […]

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Nobody knows you when you’re Down and Out

Rodney Austin

Rodney Austin was one of those bubble players, shuttling back and forth between the Detroit Lions practice squad and the active roster for the past three years. When he came into the league in 2012, he was undrafted. He is reputedly a very strong player, and that is what impressed everyone. He was also a Left Guard on a team that needs Left Guards. He was not strong enough to realize how hard he needed to work at his craft to keep his head above water, and he was not […]

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Lighten Up or Tighten Up? Jaguars Ebola sign

Jaxon de Ville

I like a good joke as much as the next guy; I’ve got to say that upfront. I am also guilty of not always being politically correct. I believe that far too often, our society goes overboard in an attempt to be perfect in everything we say and do, so that we can get tied up in our own knots. As a result, we often don’t talk to each other openly and honestly, but are so careful to side-step issues that need to be confronted. Then there are times when […]

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