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Sports Ethics Blog: On the Ethical Eve of the Draft

NFL Draft

It is said that Las Vegas will take a bet on most anything. I am not exactly a high-roller, but I am willing to put down a $100 wager that one of tonight’s first round draft choices will be involved in an unethical act over the next six months. I am confident I will win. I note that on the eve of this draft, there may be an alleged, pending murder charge, spousal abuse and drug violations among the first round picks before Roger even steps his feet onto the […]

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Sports Ethics Blog: Winston’s Great Crab Leg Caper

King Crab

Back on April 29, 2014, Heisman Trophy winner and most probably first 2015 NFL draft pick Jameis Winston was cited for shoplifting $32 worth of crab legs and other shellfish from a supermarket. According to an ESPN story (April 22, 2015), “Jameis Winston: Store employee ‘hooked us up’ with crab legs,” the following was stated: “At that time, Winston said in a statement: ‘I went to the supermarket with the intent to purchase dinner but made a terrible mistake for which I’m taking full responsibility. In a moment of youthful […]

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Treading Lightly in Jameis Winston Land

Chris Rabb UAB

I have put off commenting about these allegations because I don’t think that good ethics should be a matter of speculation and innuendo. I am going to take a very different point of view than a number of other commentators might take. In a November 7, 2014 article by Joseph Zucker for the Bleacher Report entitled: “UAB Investigate Speculation Involving Chris Rabb, Jameis Winston, Point Shaving,” we learn that: “Point-shaving allegations surrounding Blazers defensive end Chris Rabb and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston are being investigated by UAB. The NCAA […]

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Fran Tarkenton Speaks Out on Florida State

Fran Tarkenton

“What this guy’s done, the accusation of rape, right, is a pretty serious accusation. That got swept under the rug. What he’s done there has all been swept under the rug.”  — Fran Tarkenton on Jameis Winston and Florida State 1986 Hall of Fame inductee Fran Tarkenton is easily one of the high points in the history of the Minnesota Vikings franchise. Although his playing time with the Vikings (1961 – 1966) was sometimes marred by conflicts with head coach Norm Van Brocklin, “The Mad Scrambler,” as the media called […]

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Who is Helping Jameis Winston? Apparently Nobody.

Jameis Winston

At the time of the writing of this blog (September 18, 2014), Florida State University is currently ranked #1 in all national football polls. Clemson University is hovering around #24 (we’ll get to Clemson shortly). The quarterback for FSU is an extremely talented athlete by the name of Jameis Winston (but you probably know that already). He is so talented, he won the Heisman trophy as a freshman, and everyone said he was a guaranteed lock to eventually go in the first round of the NFL draft; maybe #1 in […]

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