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Clueless: Armstrong Rides Tour de France Course

One of the foundational elements in regard to correcting ethical mistakes and bad choices is the ability to learn from those mistakes, do the hard work required to make amends and earn the right at a second chance. Second chances do not automatically kick in after a year or two of aging; second chances are not PR-hyped; second chances are not appropriately made on the backs of other people. These are lessons most of us can understand. For those unable to come to those realizations, the stink of the situation […]

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Lance Armstrong: Maybe he’s just a loser


To know me, is to know that I believe in second chances. It is one of the foundational beliefs of the Sports Ethics programs. However (and it’s a big however), if an athlete, team, coach or even an entire program isn’t willing to do the hard, soul searching, work of understanding where their bad choices led them, absolutely nothing is gained. Eventually bad choices will lead a man or women to realizing that if they don’t change their lives and their poor choices, their careers will be over. We will […]

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You’ve Got More Than a Golf Handicap, Lance

I was not at all surprised when I recently read in USA Today (January 17, 2014) that Lance Armstrong pushed his golf handicap down to a 9 and that he recently shot a 74 on some course, somewhere. I will take him at his word, which may or may not be a good thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a miniature golf course complete with windmills and a hole with a big clown who had a gaping mouth. The image forces me to loop back around to […]

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