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When it all rolls downhill: Adrian Peterson Fights Back

Adrian Peterson

As if things could not possibly get worse for alleged child-abuser Adrian Peterson, on October 7, 2014, the Minnesota Star Tribune ran a blockbuster article cataloging Peterson’s life-time screw-up’s going back to 2009. Tony Manfred, a writer with, wrote the following summary in an online article entitled: “Adrian Peterson Posts 11-Point Response To Bombshell Article About Charity Mismanagement, Sex Life.” Manfred reported: “Peterson’s personal life has come under scrutiny since he was indicted on child-abuse charges in September. The paper reported that Peterson had fathered six children by six […]

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Cracks in the NFL Dam: Anheuser-Busch “Disappointed”

The Anheuser- Busch Company

The NFL is arguably at the height of its power in its more than 90 years of history. It is the multi-billion dollar behemoth of the sports world. Fans around the world watch football, buy merchandise and follow the teams as never before. At the same time, and just about for the first time in its history, the NFL could get flattened like one of its 280 pound linebackers rolling over a 120 pound quarterback in a middle school game. The NFL had better decide to wake up and do […]

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The NFL has Choices and It Also Has Consequences

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings

USA TODAY in an online article (September 16, 2014) by Erik Brady and Jim Corbett entitled: “NFL sends mixed messages on domestic violence response,” presented an interesting and balanced piece on the current cases that have been placed in the national spotlight. Allow me to quote from the first paragraph of the piece: “The domestic violence controversy roiling the NFL and the nation made news on twin tracks Monday, as the league announced the appointment of new senior advisors who will help shape its policies at the same time the […]

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