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Ethics Doesn’t Care That Pete Had 4,256 base hits

Pete Rose

The commissioner of Major League Baseball had a clear choice. He could have satisfied legions of fans, autograph hounds and several “on-air’s” by lifting the permanent ban on Pete Rose, or he could have taken the ethical route and respected the game enough to keep the ban in place. He chose ethics. Rob Manfred, not Pete Rose, is our hero. We are living in an era where people are more concerned with talking over each other rather than to each other and where the perception of good ethics are often […]

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Price of Patriotism? About $10 Million

Giant Flag

Apparently, there is a price placed on patriotism. With apologies to all my veteran brothers and sisters, our beloved Defense Department forked over about $10 million (and possibly as much as $12 million) to the NFL, MLB and NBA teams to put on patriotic displays. Our same Defense Department who cannot ever seem to improve active duty or veteran’s benefits, spent money at the ball parks to stimulate patriotic fervor. To compound “this joke,” the leagues and teams took the money. According to CNN Money (November 5, 2015): “Among the […]

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Hello, “Ground Control” to “Redbird!”

For the sake of clearing up any nervous questions out there, “Redbird” is the name of the St. Louis Cardinals computer network; “Ground Control” is the name of the Houston Astros computer network. Baseball has become well established in the cyber world. In fact, this post could signal the launch of a new MLB Sports Trivia Game: “Name that Network,” or maybe: “Who’s Your Hacky?” Yesterday we heard the news that the Cardinals “staff” (allegedly) hacked into the Astros database. Why? It looks like spite. It (allegedly) looks like Millennial-intern […]

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Marlins and Other Sucker Fish

Miami Marlins Uniform

As I sit here looking at the paper (yes, I still read the paper when I’m on the road), I note the Miami Marlins are in full command of the NL East basement. Right now, the best thing they have going for them is their spiffy logo. Still, they are major league ball players, many of them are multi-millionaires and they possess a skill set that most of us mere mortals can only dream about. I need to say something else at the outset of this blog without sounding like […]

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Fanning Flames: Immature Aspirations of Greatness

In a recent article (August 5, 2014) for USA Today by Gabe Lacques entitled: “Tony Bosch to plead guilty; 9 others charged in PED bust,” we learn that: “Tony Bosch, the former director of the South Florida anti-aging clinic that became ground zero for baseball’s biggest doping scandal, was one of 10 people charged Tuesday with distributing illegal drugs to professional and high school athletes.” You will well remember Bosch; he was the big shot from the Biogenesis clinic in Coral Gables, Florida. Bosch and the others charged with distributing […]

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