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What’s a Coach to Do? Teach Ethics!

Stan Van Gundy

News flash: star players are treated differently than bench sitters. If we have surprised you with that observation, please let us know. In fact, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you along with a classic Ford Pinto and a case of White Coke. As for the news flash, no matter your game of choice, the star player almost always gets star treatment. Is it fair? Depends of course; always depends, and we’re not talking adult diapers. Teams and leagues often peg their status to the exceptional human beings who […]

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Sports Ethics: Carmelo Wants to Choose the Coach


We read about it just today. Carmelo Anthony wants to have a hand in choosing the next coach for the New York Knicks. Now before going any further, I will acknowledge that the NBA is unlike any other sports scenario. There are so few players, there are relatively few teams and then there’s the money. Lots and lots of it. The star players are wealthy. They live in wealth, spend that wealth and have luxuries that few of us have ever experienced. Carmelo Anthony is one of those guys. He […]

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Price of Patriotism? About $10 Million

Giant Flag

Apparently, there is a price placed on patriotism. With apologies to all my veteran brothers and sisters, our beloved Defense Department forked over about $10 million (and possibly as much as $12 million) to the NFL, MLB and NBA teams to put on patriotic displays. Our same Defense Department who cannot ever seem to improve active duty or veteran’s benefits, spent money at the ball parks to stimulate patriotic fervor. To compound “this joke,” the leagues and teams took the money. According to CNN Money (November 5, 2015): “Among the […]

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Did We Make Larry Brown or Did He Make Us?

It is a simple enough question, made even more bittersweet by the fact that his latest sanction has occurred at SMU; a school with a tragic history, albeit football rather than basketball. Now SMU has been banned from any possibility of tournament play in 2016 and Coach Larry Brown has been suspended for nine games. They have also lost nine scholarship slots as well. Writers and analysts, including Dick Vitale are asking if it is time for Coach Brown to hang up his whistle and clipboard and head off into […]

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Leagues Apart: NBA suspends Hornets’ Jeffery Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor

Maybe Jeffery Taylor thought he was playing in the pre-Ray Rice era NFL. He’s not. He’s a professional basketball player playing for the NBA. More specifically, he is playing for a league headed by a fair, and even-keeled commissioner. Adam Silver does not put up with a lot of crap, nor should he. USA TODAY writer Jeff Zillgitt has just reported (November 20, 2014) in an article entitled: “NBA suspends Hornets’ Jeffery Taylor 24 games,” that forward Jeffery Taylor must not only miss the games without pay, he must get […]

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NBPA Chief Taking NBA Owners to Task

Michelle Roberts

How much should you be entitled to make? Your answer might be, “As much as I can.” I wouldn’t fault you for that. Providing you’re not planning on robbing a bank or committing fraud, I would tell you that if you want to make a lot of money, go right ahead and be the best you can be at whatever it is that you’re good at doing. Let’s fast forward to 10 years from now and you’ve worked your tail off to be the best that you can be; in […]

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The Very Tragic Case of Mookie Blaylock

Mookie Blaylock in Court

From the outset, I need to say that the real victim in this case is not Mr. Blaylock, but Monica Murphy, a mother of five who was killed in a head-on collision with Mr. Blaylock’s vehicle in May 2013. Blaylock allegedly went into seizures before the collision following years of alcohol abuse and receiving several drunk driving citations and arrests. There were outstanding warrants for him at the time of the accident. Ironically, he was sober when the fatality occurred. Mookie was specifically ordered by his doctors to not drive due […]

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Tristan Thompson and “The Kiss”

Tristan Thompson

Anyone remember the “famous” Joe Namath-Suzy Kolber kiss? Joe was loaded at the time, and he was probably channeling his inner self back to the time when he was 1960s “Broadway Joe” with the fur coat and everyone told him he was irresistible. “The Kiss” occurred in 2003 and by then, the women’s movement had already been evolving for decades. To his credit, Joe called Suzy the next day and apologized. He told the media that he was embarrassed and felt humiliated. He checked into rehab. However, no matter how much […]

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Paul George versus Twitter versus Free Speech

Paul George

In America we still have the right to free speech, and hopefully, we still have the right to our own thoughts but these rights may come with consequences. In an article by Michael Klopman for The Huffington Post (September 11, 2014) entitled: “Paul George Tweeted Some Controversial Comments On Ray Rice Case,” the writer states: “Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George had some controversial thoughts on the Ray Rice domestic violence situation and decided to post them on his Twitter page.” Rather than post the usual Twitter screen shots let me […]

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A Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Yourself Into, P.J.

There are 30 NBA teams, such as the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets or the Charlotte Hornets. Each team has only 12 men on their active roster and they can carry at least one or more inactive players. NBA players may be easy to spot in a crowd, but they are hard to find. In fact, in your particular state, there are only one or two active NBA players per 1 million people! I went online and found writer Andrew Powell-Morse’s “The Unofficial 2013 NBA Player Census.” He showed that […]

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