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NCAA Finals: Ethical Photoshop

The Finals

We want perfection in our society, but we don’t always want to know how the perfection was gained. For example, we may believe that certain actors or singers we admire are perfect. Some of us get offended when we see “unauthorized” close-ups or see Photoshop fails; as if our illusions are shattered when we learn that life is not perfect. We blame the technology. We blame those that access the technology. I have known actors and singers in my lifetime. They are people; they are not perfect; they are often […]

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Have We Become So Outraged, We’ve Lost Judgment?

Jonathan Taylor

These are tough times for ethics and collegiate or professional football. In every sense, harsh penalties for crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assaults, bullying and drug/alcohol abuse were very long overdue. In past years, many coaches, teams and athletic departments were complicit with the off-the-field antics of athletes. Sports Ethics considerations were thrown aside. Were they wrong to overlook these behaviors? Absolutely. A small percentage of abusers, rapists, bullies and petty (and no so petty) criminals, were allowed to mess things up for all of the fine men and women […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Syracuse University Blames NCAA for What?

Jim Boeheim

The dust is settling on the Syracuse basketball scandal. There’s a lot of posturing and finger-pointing as Jim Boeheim has gone from the bench to the hot seat. To all of the Syracuse fans out there; from the 90-year old alumni to the 1-year old whose great-grandpa just gave him a T-shirt, let me start with one strong point of agreement: Boeheim is a great coach. He wins games and he gets the most out of the talent of his players. I get that part of it and part of […]

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Penn State: More Serious than Flat Footballs


On Sunday, January 18, 2015, the same day deflated footballs were being thrown around a rain-soaked field in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Roxanne Jones, a very fine writer for ESPN, wrote a very fine piece entitled: “Penn State still doesn’t get it.” The article resonated so nicely with what we stand for at Sports Ethics that I wanted to share it with you. Unless you were out of the country, with no access to media, you most probably remember the twisted, vile case in which a former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, […]

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Todd Gurley: In the Ethical Whirlpool of Changing Times

Todd Gurley

According to writer Paul Newberry of the Associated Press (October 10, 2014) in an article entitled: “No. 13 Georgia’s Gurley suspended indefinitely,” Georgia running back Todd Gurley has managed to fall headlong into trouble as the result of an autograph session for signing sports memorabilia — a definite violation of NCAA rules. “School officials did not reveal the nature of their investigation, but, citing an anonymous source, reported that Gurley allegedly received $400 to sign 80 pieces of memorabilia on the Georgia campus this past spring…The NCAA requires schools to declare […]

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