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Turnabout, Fair Play and Lousy Ethics: North Carolina Lawsuit

Michael McAdoo

Sometimes the most serious sports ethics issues show up as almost insignificant little stories. It’s not that it’s insignificant to the people involved, it is just that the stories may not be flashy or headline news. On November 10, 2014, Michael McAdoo a former University of North Carolina football player filed a lawsuit against the university. According to NBC News: “McAdoo, who played football at UNC from 2008 through 2010, was ruled permanently ineligible in 2010 for academic violations connected to a tutor providing improper assistance on a research paper […]

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Brady Hoke under (Ethical) Fire at Michigan

Coach Brady Hoke

There have been the best of times at Michigan, but these appear to be the worst, or close to it. Coach Brady Hoke, head coach of the Wolverines, has been in place since 2011. He has been under fire for the lousy team record for quite some time. We understand, it goes with the territory; in sports and in every other aspect of life, if you don’t produce, you’re out. Brady Hoke is a grown-up in the tough game of Division 1 football. He knows the score – literally. Maybe […]

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Do I Believe Noah Spence? Yes. Does it Matter? No.

Greg Spence, the father of Ohio State football defensive end Noah Spence, is hopping mad.  Greg, a law enforcement officer, is angry that his son was suspended from playing in the Orange Bowl by the Big Ten.  Noah tested positive for the drug “Ecstasy,” a recreational psychoactive drug that also takes on the slang name of “Molly.” Both Greg and Noah claim that Noah had accidentally ingested the drug at a party after someone had slipped the drug in his drink. This would have been in early December or late […]

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